Paul Newey Wins Event #3 of British Poker Open for £156,400

After a fast-paced final table saw all five of his rivals busted within just over two hours of play, Paul Newey became a tournament champion on the day before his 51st birthday as he took down Event #3 of the British Poker Open. Relive the entire final table on PokerGO right now.

Sam Soverel Eliminated in 2nd Place for £101,200

Heads-up lasted just a handful of hands. Paul Newey made it 150,000 with [9s9h] and Sam Soverel three-bet to 525,000 with [JsJc]. The inevitable happened as Newey moved all in over the top with just 200,000 chips more than his opponent (2.4m against Soverel's 2.2m) and Soverel snap-called. Playing for virtually

Newey Takes the Lead

Paul Newey raised to 250,000 chips with [Kd4d] on the button and Sam Soverel called with [Qd6c]. Soverel checked the [JsJd9c] flop and so too did Newey, but on the turn of [9d], Soverel's check was followed by a bet of 310,000 from Newey. That got a fold from the American,

Elio Fox Eliminated in 3rd Place for £69,000

Elio Fox raised to 290,000 with [Qh9h] and while that move worked on Paul Newey, the former Ocean Finance supremo ditching his hole cards, it did not have the same effect on American high roller superhero Sam Soverel. Soverel, who will lead the race to win the British Poker Open even

Mikita Badziakouski Eliminated in 4th Place for £46,000

Mikita Badziakouski moved all-in for 460,000 with [AhJc] and was snap-called by Paul Newey with [AcQh]. The flop of [5c2h3d] added some chop outs but kept Newey in the lead, and the [Qc] on the turn meant Badziakouski could only chop to survive with a four on the river. That 5th street