Price Felted

Oliver Price was all in from the button with his last 2,650,000 and big blind Roberto José Sagra called to put Price at risk of elimination. Oliver Price: [qh3h] Roberto José Sagra: [khjh] The board ran out [acjd8s5s2s] and Price was eliminated from the tournament. He won $30,000 for his deep run.

Small One For Price

Oliver Price raised to 50,000 from middle position and he was called by big blind Jacob Daniels, who is already on his third bullet of the day. Both checked after the [acksqc] flop was dealt and the [jd] was added to the board. Daniels led out with a bet of 55,000

Price Lets It Go

Oliver Price sat in the hijack as he bet 18,000 on the [5d4s2c] flop. The player in the cutoff next to him raised to 70,000 and Price called after a moment of consideration. The turn was the [4h] and Price checked to his opponent and he then faced a bet of

Antonio’s Twist Busts Oliver

Antonio Martinac opened the cutoff for 80,000 and Oliver Price in the small blind shoved for 615,000. The big blind folded but Martinac called. Antonio Martinac: [Th2h] Oliver Price: [As7c] The flop of [3c9cJs] was of no use to either, but the [Tc] paired Martinac while Price picked up a flush draw. The

Price Can’t Call

From the big blind, having seen the flop go checked through, Price checked once more on a board reading [TdJs8s] [9d]. His opponent in the cutoff bet 20,000 and Price called. The [5c] on the river saw Price check a third time. His opponent bet 55,000 and this time Price

Price’s Big Bet Bluff Fails

When we arrived, the board was already out in a battle of the blinds. With the board reading [5d3sQd] [4s] [Kc], the small blind checked to Oliver Price in the big blind. Price bet 59,000 into a pot of 55,000. The small blind thought about it for a bit and said "Nice