Poker Masters Recap

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The 2019 Poker Masters saw Sam Soverel carve his name into history as he became the latest winner of the fabled Purple Jacket. By following in the footsteps of Steffen Sontheimer and Ali Imsirovic, who won the series in 2017 & 2018, Soverel achieved poker history. It was all the

Nick Schulman Eliminated in 13th Place

Action folded to Nick Schulman in the small blind, and he completed for 10,000 total as Alex Foxen checked the big blind. The flop landed [7s4sAc] and Schulman bet 10,000 and Foxen called. The turn fell the [6c] and Schulman bet out 60,000. Foxen called, and the river landed the [Td]. Schulman used

Ace-High Win for Nick Schulman

Nick Schulman limped in for 6,000 and Igor Kurganov checked the big blind. The flop landed [8d4s2c] and Schulman checked. Kurganov bet 10,000 and Schulman called as the [Kh] and [9c] checked through on the turn and river. Schulman tabled his [As7s], and Kurganov mucked.

Flop Bet Win for Nick Schulman

Nick Schulman raised to 9,000 from the button, and Ali Imsirovic called in the big blind. The flop landed [3cAh4h] and Imsirovic checked. Schulman continued for 8,000 and Imsirovic quickly folded.

Aces and a Double for Nick Schulman

Stephen Chidwick raised to 20,000 in the cutoff and Nick Schulman moved all in for 88,000 from the small blind. Chidwick called. Chidwick: [Kc9s] Schulman: [AdAs] The board ran out [4sJh2sQdAh] and Schulman scored the double.

Nick Schulman Regains Some Life

After finding a quintuple with queens, Nick Schulman was all in for 28,000 over a Ben Yu open to 16,000. Yu called. Yu: [KsTc] Schulman: [AcKc] The board ran out [4s8hQs9cAh] and Schulman doubled through.

Sergi Reixach Doubles Through Nick Schulman

Sergi Reixach shoved all in for 124,000 from middle position and Nick Schulman reshoved for 129,000 from the small blind. Reixach: [Ac9c] Schulman: [AhKd] The board ran out [5cAdJd6s9d] and Reixach connected with two pair on the river to leave Schulman with a single 5,000-denomination chip.

Nick Schulman Adds Some More

Nick Schulman raised to 8,000 in the cutoff and both Ben Heath and Kristen Bicknell called in the blinds. The flop landed [4d6dJs] and action checked to Schulman who bet 12,000. Heath folded, but Bicknell called as the turn landed the [Qh]. Bicknell checked, Schulman bet 32,000, and Bicknell folded.

Nick Schulman Shoves River on George Wolff

George Wolff completed from the small blind and Nick Schulman checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [8dKcKd] and Wolff led out for 4,000. Schulman raised to 12,000 and Wolff called as the [Jh] fell on the turn. Wolff checked and Schulman bet 22,000. Wolff called, and then checked

George Wolff Wins it Multiway

Nick Schulman raised to 6,500 from under the gun and Orpen Kisacikoglu called on the button, as did George Wolff from the big blind. The [6h5hTd] flop checked through to reveal the [2h] on the turn. Wolff bet out 16,000 and both Schulman and Kisacikoglu called. The river fell the [As] and