Nick Petrangelo Eliminated in 7th Place

Sean Winter raised to 140,000 in the hijack, and Nick Petrangelo moved all in from the button for 190,000. Winter called. Winter: [KhKc] Petrangelo: [7h7s] The board ran out [5c4d8h2hAd] and Petrangelo was eliminated in seventh place.

Ace-King-High Win for Sam Soverel

Sam Soverel raised to 40,000 from middle position and Nick Petrangelo called in the big blind. The flop landed [2dTc5h] and Petrangelo check-called a bet of 20,000. The turn fell the [Js], and after Petrangelo checked, Soverel used a time extension and then checked behind. Both players checked the [9d] on the

Sergi Reixach vs. Nick Petrangelo

Nick Petrangelo raised to 50,000 from middle position and Sergi Reixach called in the big blind. The flop landed [3h8cJs] and Reixach check-called a bet of 30,000 from Petrangelo. The [Td] and [Jd] checked through on the turn and river, and Reixach tabled his [9h8s] and Petrangelo mucked.

Orpen Kisacikoglu Doubles Through Sam Soverel

Nick Petrangelo raised to 35,000 in the hijack and Orpen Kisacikoglu used a time extension before moving all in for 290,000 from the button. From the small blind, Sam Soverel shoved for roughly 1.2 million, and Petrangelo folded. Kisacikoglu: [AhTd] Soverel: [AdAs] The board ran out [3cKdQs9hJh] and Kisacikoglu rivered Broadway to double

Nick Petrangelo Doubles Through Ben Heath

With the board reading [KhQc3dQh5d] and the pot at around 130,000, Ben Heath shoved all in for 310,000 and Nick Petrangelo called. Heath tabled his [JcTc] for jack-high, and Petrangelo revealed his [5c5s] for a rivered full house.

Through the Lens: A New Perspective

We are officially closing in on the end of the first week of the WSOP, which also happened to be one fo the craziest weeks at the Rio ever. A record number of players turned out to take their shot at some of the opening events including the Big Fifty,

Different Summer, Same Spot

The World Series of Poker can get busy, but that doesn’t mean you should fall behind this summer. Keep pace with the non-stop action with Poker Central’s “WSOP Daily Brief.” Each day, we’ll highlight World Series news, poker’s biggest names, upcoming live streams, and more. Follow along and watch the