Through the Lens: A New Perspective

We are officially closing in on the end of the first week of the WSOP, which also happened to be one fo the craziest weeks at the Rio ever. A record number of players turned out to take their shot at some of the opening events including the Big Fifty,

Different Summer, Same Spot

The World Series of Poker can get busy, but that doesn’t mean you should fall behind this summer. Keep pace with the non-stop action with Poker Central’s “WSOP Daily Brief.” Each day, we’ll highlight World Series news, poker’s biggest names, upcoming live streams, and more. Follow along and watch the

Life Hacks and Thank Yous on Day #3 of 2019 WSOP

On Day #3 of the 2019 World Series of Poker, we learned many things. We realized that we’re really living in Ali Imsirovic’s world and might be figments of his vivid imagination. We also learned that the Rio will never turn you away from an event and we learned to

Nick Petrangelo Eliminated in 15th Place

Nick Petrangelo moved all in for 75,000 from the hijack and Justin Bonomo called in the big blind. Petrangelo: [As4c] Bonomo: [AhTc] The board ran out [9c4s7sTd3d] and Petrangelo was eliminated in 15th place.

Bryn Kenney Doubles Through Nick Petrangelo

In yet another blind versus blind confrontation, Bryn Kenney shoved all in from his small blind and was called by Nick Petrangelo from his big blind. The players tabled their hands, with Kenney in the lead and needing his hand to hold, which it did after the board ran out [5cAd2h6s4c]. Kenney:

Keith Tilston Wins Big Pot Against Nick Petrangelo

Nick Petrangelo  raised to 12,000 pre-flop and then Keith Tilston three-bet to 46,000. Petrangelo called. The flop came [7cKd6c]. Tilston bet 65,000. Petrangelo called again. The turn was the [4s]. Tilston fired again, this time for 90,000 and yet again, Petrangelo came along for the ride. The river was the [5d].