Nicholas Romanello Busts in 21st Place

Nicholas Romanello's deep run in the Main Event has come to an end in 21st place.  All in preflop again, looking for a triple through this time, he was flat called preflop by Weijie Zheng (in full disguise mode) and big blind Robert Heidorn. Romanello: [ad7s] Zheng: [Kdkc] Heidorn: [9h3h] Zheng checked back the

Huge Pot Nearly Felts Final Romanello

Nicholas Romanello dropped to just one big blind after a pot (involving a big river call) vs. James Clarke.  Clarke had opened on the button with [asqs] and picked up big blind Romanello, who held [Ks9c]. Romanello flopped top pair on a rainbow board; both players checked.  With the turn, the