Spotlight on Table 42

The number of players seems to be static in the High Roller finale, but that's because for every exit there's an entry (often by one and the same person). This level (10) is the last one for registration, however, so soon the atmosphere might be a bit more serious. Table 42

High Roller Finale Back in Action

A few more players (see below) took their seats before the first cards of Day 2 hit the air, and we expect late entries to continue at a steady pace.

MILLIONS $10,300 High Roller Finale Day 1 Overnight Chip Counts

Here's how the surviving baker's dozen from Day 1 in the $10,300 High Roller Finale stack up. Their numbers are sure to be swelled by late registrants tomorrow (registration closes after four levels, at 6:30pm).  Play restarts at 2pm, one hour earlier than scheduled.

Moorman Busted

When we arrived, the chips were all in the middle and Moorman was already busy getting up. From some of the table banter following the hand, we understood that Moorman (under the gun) fired all three streets on [5c9d10s] [8d] [3h]. Sitting out of position in the big blind, Morten Klein

Peters Doubles Klein Up

David Peters raised to 5,000 from the button and Morten Klein moved all-in from the small blind for 44,000. Peters called right away and the showdown went as follows. Peters: [AhTd] Klein: [QsQd] The board ran out [Js4h3c8s3d] and Klein found himself a much needed double up.