Cary Katz Wins Super High Roller Bowl London (£2,100,000)

What a battle it has been but finally a winner has been crowned after a 10-hour final table that resulted in a win by Cary Katz who took home the first prize worth £2.1 million and with that the largest score of his career. Relive the entire final table of Super

Katz Surviving as Imsirovic Folds Top Pair

Pre-flop, there was 60,000 in the pot between Ali Imsirovic and Cary Katz. The flop of [JsTs6s] saw Cary Katz move all-in for 115,000 chips with [As9c], and Imsirovic made the fold with [QhJh]. In the very next hand, Imsirovic had top pair on a seven-high flop and this time bet Katz off

Huge Hand Between the Leaders

Ali Imsirovic raised to 25,000 with [KcKd] and Vogelsang made it 85,000 with [Kh9h]. Imsirovic three-bet to 230,000 and Christoph Vogelsang folded, but that's an immediate shift to the momentum. They weren't level at the top for long.

Vogelsang Leads at the Break

Christoph Vogelsang had [Ad8s] and made it 18,000 pre-flop. Cary Katz called with [9h8h]. The flop of [TcAs5s] saw both men check, but on the [5c] turn, a 25,000 bet from Vogelsang got a quick fold from Katz and the players went on break.

Chidwick Chops Down Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic bet 120,000 into 80,000 on a board of [Kh4d7c2d5s] with [Ks9d] but Stephen Chidwick held [8c6h] and had rivered the straight. The 430,000 raise from Chidwick left 64,000 behind. Imsirovic went into the tank, eventually using his time bank card to give himself the time to fold, which he

The Bosnian Bandit Rides Again

He's been given the nickname 'The Bosnian Bandit' by Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks in the PokerGO studio, and Ali Imsirovic is running over the final day so far here at Aspers Casino in London. Firstly, on a board of [5hKd8c9cKc], Imsirovic bet 36,000 into a pot of 126,000, called by