Mikita Badziakouski Gets His Sweat but Still Eliminated in 3rd ($1,600,000)

Three-handed play is over almost before it got going.  Down to just 10 big blinds, Mikita Badziakouski picked up [AcQh] in the big blind.  Timothy Adams folded, and small blind (chip leader) Christoph Vogelsang paused, still and silent, for around 20 seconds, before setting his opponent all in with [Jh3s]. 

Badziakouski Now the Short Stack

Having lost a pot of over a million chips to Timothy Adams (calling pre and on a [4sad7s] flop with [kh7h] before giving up on a [6c] turn when Adams bet 600,000 (with [As9d], as it happened)), Mikita Badziakouski has dropped in chips to 13 big blinds.

Final Table *Still* Four-Handed, Little Between the Stacks

The final four players are oscillating between being bunched tightly in chips and having one player stretch a slim lead; they're evenly matched in experience, skill and, so far, help from the deck.  With the blinds creeping up, however, it would only take one big match-up to end the dreams

Vogelsang Check-Calls His Way to a Big Pot

First to act, Christoph Vogelsang raised to 175,000 with [Ahkd].  Button Mikita Badziakouski flatted with [Jd9d].  Heads up to a [KcTh4d] flop, though it was Vogelsang who'd hit top pair, it was Badziakouski who took over betting.  Vogelsang called his 175,000 flop bet, and his 525,000 bet on the [7s] turn,

Adams Continues to Chip Up

Timothy Adams took a sizeable pot from Mikita Badziakouski (along with a few smaller pots), seeing a [4cAc6h] flop from the big blind with [Ah8h]; Badziakouski on the button had raised preflop with [Kc3c] to 130,000.  Something for both of them: Adams check-called a 100,000 bet from Badziakouski here to

Vogelsang Wins Last Hand Pre Break

Christoph Vogelsang raised his button with [KdJs] to 130,000, called by both blinds.  Small blind Ben Heath, with [thjh], and big blind Timothy Adams, with [4c4h], checked the [Kh6dad] flop to Vogelsang, who bet 120,000, Heath alone calling. The turn paired the board with the [6s], no bet.  The [4s] on

Badziakouski Still Ahead (Flopping Full Houses Doesn’t Hurt)

Mikita Badziakouski raised in the cutoff to 135,000 with [7c7s], called by small blind Ben Heath with [Adts], flopping sevens full of eights.  He led out for 125,000 and Heath made the call.  After the turn, the board stood [7h8s8h3d]. Badziakouski bet out 375,000 and the hand went no further.

Chips Bunching Up

Ben Heath retains the lead, with Timothy Adams in second, but both of the shorter stacks have made progress upwards at the expense of the leaders and are virtually neck and neck going into the new level.

All Still Deep Enough for Post-Flop Shenanigans – Or Cagey Play

Ben Heath received a rare walk in the big blind from Mikita Badziakouski, who's been steadily chipping up throughout this level (though without any huge individual pots, and no further all-in and at-risk spots). For the first time after the action flurry that was the first level and a half, we're