Steve O’Dwyer vs. Mike Watson

Steve O'Dwyer raised to 5,000 from under the gun and Cary Katz called next to act. From the hijack, Mike Watson three-bet to 21,000. O'Dwyer responded with a four-bet to 40,000, and after Katz mucked, Watson called. The flop landed [3c5h8s] and O'Dwyer continued for 40,000 and Watson folded.

Mike Watson vs. Kahle Burns

Kahle Burns raised from middle position. Mike Watson reraised to 26,000 from the small blind. Burns called. The flop came [4d][7d][ks] and Watson continued for 20,000. Burns called. Both players checked the [6d] on the turn before the [th] completed the board. Watson used a time extension before betting out

Two Pair for Mike Watson

Mike Watson limped the small blind and Michael Addamo raised to 6,500. Watson called, and the flop landed [TsKs3h]. Watson check-called a bet of 3,500 as the turn landed the [Ad]. Watson checked, Addamo bet 15,000, and Watson called. The [9s] checked through on the river, and Watson tabled his [Kh9h] for

Mike Watson Eliminated by Elio Fox

Alex Foxen raised to 3,000 from under the gun. Elio Fox reraised to 11,000 from the cutoff. Mike Watson three-bet to 23,000 from the big blind. Foxen folded. Fox moved all in which had Watson covered. Watson quickly called with around 50,000 behind. Fox: [kd][kc] Watson: [js][jh] Watson was unable to improve

Cary Katz Trips Up Mike Watson

Both Cary Katz and Mike Watson committed 8,000 each preflop to reveal the [Td4c6d] flop. Katz checked, and Watson bet 8,000. Katz called, and when the turn landed the [7c], he led out for 25,000. Watson called as the river landed the [6h]. Katz bet 65,000 and Watson called. Katz tabled his

Elio Fox vs. Mike Watson

Mike Watson raised from the hijack and was called by Elio Fox in the big blind. The flop came [td][3c][9h] and Fox checked. Watson continued for 5,000. Fox called. The turn brought the [7d] and Fox check-called another bet totalling 15,000 from Watson. Both players then quickly checked after the

Elio Fox vs. Mike Watson

On a flop of [qs][3h][ah] Mike Watson checked from the big blind. Elio fox bet 2,000. Watson called. Both players checked the [9h] on the turn before the [js] dropped on the river. Watson checked. Fox bet 10,500. Watson called shortly after. Fox tabled [qh][jc] for two pair, and was

Welcome to the Australian Poker Open AU$100,000 Main Event

Welcome back to The Star Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, for the final event of the 2020 Australian Poker Open - the Event #7: AU$100,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event. Five champions have already been crowned this week in Australia, with one more set to play out today with Event #6 down

Mike Watson Eliminated by Andras Nemeth

The action folded around to Mike Watson on the button who moved all in for just short of 80,000. Andrew Nemeth made the quick call from the big blind. Nemeth: [ad][kc] Watson: [8h][8s] The board ran out [qd][9h][kd][6d][3h], improving Nemeth to a higher pair on the flop, resulting in Watson's elimination.

Mike Watson Doubles Through Yang Wang

Yang Wang raised to 12,000 from the button and Mike Watson moved all in from the small blind for 43,000. Wang called. Wang: [Qc8s] Watson: [QdQs] "This would be a really bad way to go," Watson said. The board ran out [5c5d6hJdJc] and Watson secured the double.