Mike Watson Eliminated by John Gorsuch

John Gorsuch shoved all in from the cutoff, and Mike Watson called all in from the big blind for 600,000 total. Watson: [Td5s] Gorsuch: [7c7s] The board ran out [Jc6dKs9h4c] and Watson was eliminated.

Watson’s Rough Start

Mike Watson has burned through three bullets already and with a wry smile he said, "They just kept giving me king-jack." Watson summarized his elimination by explaining that he moved in for 60,000 and was called by Mikita Badziakouski. Watson showed [AxQx] and Badziakouski showed [AxJx]. "Your readers will enjoy this," Watson

Watson Takes Care of Peters

David Peters was just spotted at the cashier to buy back in and we got the information second hand of his elimination. Peters raised before the flop and got three-bet by Mike Watson from the small blind. Peters moved all in for 120,000 and Watson called. Watson held [QxQx] and Peters

Geilich Takes From Tsang, Watson Takes Chip Lead

Anson Tsang has remained active on Table 2, but this time the river wasn't as kind to the Hong Kong bracelet winner. Action was picked up on the [Ac9h2h] flop, with Tsang check-raising Ludovic Geilich's button bet of 5,000 to 19,000. The partypoker pro called to see the [4d] fall on the turn

Luc Greenwood Wins Opening Event of 2019 British Poker Open for £119,600

Luc Greenwood wins the first ever British Poker Open event.

After two fun-packed days of poker action, it was the overnight chip leader Luc Greenwood who prevailed in the opening event, though not with more changes of chip leader than ever as the final table became a shootout between elite pros. WATSON BUBBLES AS OPENING STACKS ARE FLIPPED With five players making

Chidwick Out, Katz Doubles

The final few minutes of Level 5 saw action on two of three tables. First Stephen Chidwick busted, and quickly re-entered to bump Event #2 to 19 entrants, before Cary Katz doubled through chip leader Mike Watson. The big stack bubbled Event #1 earlier today and while he's built his stack since

Mike Watson Bubbles Opening Event of British Poker Open

Mike Watson has busted the opening event on the bubble, having moved all-in with the best hand and been outrun by Robert Flink. All-in pre-flop for 570,000 with [AhJc] and was called by Robert Flink's [KhJh], but the runout of [7c8c9hKs5h] saw Watson turned short and rivered dead. It's 'Sir Watts'

“Pot” is All Watson Knows

When inquiring with Mike Watson what happened prior to when we picked up the action on the turn after he raked in a nice pot, he said the following. "Pot, then pot, and all in," the Canadian pro said with a smile. Piecing the action back together brings us to the hand

From Shortie to Chip Leader

Robert Flink has gone from short-stack at the start of play 90 minutes ago to leading the final table of the British Poker Open £10,000-entry NLHE opening event.