Mike Leah Takes One Out

With the flop reading [Td7d3h], Mike Leah (with 75,000 committed post-flop) was in middle position and facing a raise to 225,000 from his opponent in the cutoff. Leah used a time extension before he reraised to effectively 920,000 and his opponent called all in. Leah showed [QdJd], drawing against his opponent's

Set for Mike Leah Over James Romero

On a board of [AdTc3sJh7c] with roughly 330,000 in the middle, Mike Leah checked from the small blind to James Romero in the cutoff who bet 80,000. Leah responded with a check-raise to 380,000 and Romero called. Leah tabled his [3h3c] for bottom set, and Romero folded.