Imsirovic Doubles Through Reixach

Imsirovic made it 150,000 to go with [KdJs] and was just called by Sergi Reixcah with [8c8h]. The flop of [3c6dJc] saw Imsirovic put the rest of his stack in (75,000). Reixach was getting good odds but was a 13% dog in the hand. He made the call! The [2s] turn helped

Three-Way Sees Everyone Survive

Michael Zhang was all-in pre-flop for 190,000 chips with [9c9h] and he was called by a re-shove for 310,000 by Ali Imsirovic with [KdJc]  and then Timothy Adams, the chip leader with 1.1 million and holding just  [6d2c] Flop of [6hQcKh] put Zhang in massive trouble, but the [9s] turn gave Zhang

Fox Retakes Chip Lead

Elio Fox has gone from chip leader at the start of play to short stack an hour ago. Now he's regained his start-of-day stack to become chip leader again. Sergi Reixach called with [AdQs] and so too did Imsirovic with [Jd5c] and Fox with [Kc4h] in the blinds. The flop of [2dKd8d]

Imsirovic Doubles Through Reixach

Ali Imsirovic moved all-in for 265,000 with [Ah5c] and when he was called by Sergi Reixach with [KhTh], he decided to go on a alk around the table, shaking hands and wishing everyone luck. It's the high roller equivalent of patting those pockets for your wallet and keys, don't you

Imsirovic Shortest Stacked

Ali Imsirovic has gone from chip leader to shortest stack in the room, and while Michael Zhang has been down there at the bottom of the chipcounts for much of the last two hours, Imsirovic hasn't. How will that affect the dynamics of play?

Finding the Fold

Top players find the fold button even if they have a great hand. Ali Imsirovic opened to 50,000 with [KhQc] and Sergi Reixach three-bet to 155,000 with [QsQh] to take it down. Adams then raised over Elio Fox's open when Fox had ace-jack and Adams ace-queen. Again, a pretty quick fold from

Reixach Leads at First Break

The chips have been flying around the table in the first 75 minutes of action, yet we remain on the bubble. The chip lead has changed dramatically, however, with shorter stacks Sergi Reixach and Timothy Adams, languishing at kick-off, now first and second in chips.

Reixach Steals from Imsirovic

Imsirovic made it 36,000 with [Ah6d] and got a call only from Sergi Reixach with [Ks5d]. The flop of [3s2hTs] saw Imsirovic lead for 48,000 and the c-bet got another call. The turn of [Qs] saw both players continue to hit nothing and both checked, but on the river [Tc] Reixach flipped

Ali Cracks a Milly

Ali Imsirovic is mixing it up almost every hand and making profit orbit after orbit. Making it 40,000 with [Qh9d], the Bosnian got a call from Sergi Reixach with [As3c] and on the flop of [Qc2s6s], Imsirovic made it 25,000 more, called again by Reixach. The turn [3d] saw a third bet by

Zhang Doubles Through Fox

Fox opened the betting to 28,000 with [Ac7c] and Michael Zhang was going nowhere with [AdKd], raising all-in for 161,000. Fox called. The flop of [AhKc2s] saw Zhang become a 95% chance and after the [6s] turn and [3c] river, Michael Zhang doubled through Elio Fox, with Fox dropping back down