No One Wants to Take On Davies

Michael Soyza doesn't win every pot. Wai Kiat Lee saw a heads up limp-checked flop of [6cAd9h] (holding [Qs7h]) with cutoff Soyza (who held [Td6c]), raising to 280,000 to take it from the leader. He said he was rooting for Soyza the next hand, however, as Seth Davies raised to 650,000

Soyza Rivers Lee

It started with a limp-check, Michael Soyza calling in the cutoff with [9sTd] and button Wai Kiat Lee checking [KcTd].  The [ThTsJs] flop gave them both trips, but it was Soyza who would lead all three streets: 120,000 on the flop, 300,000 on the [Ah] turn and 650,000 on the

Sam Greenwood Eliminated in 6th Place ($160,510)

Sam Greenwood moved all in for 1,050,000 under the gun plus two when it folded to him with [KdQs], called by button Michael Soyza with [JhJs]. The flop of [JcQdKs] was described as "spicy" by PokerGO commentator James Dempsey, but it got no spicier with the [9c7h] turn and river; Greenwood

The Two Chip Leaders Tangle

Phil Ivey, who's tried to see a large number of flops already on this final table, limped again with [qdjd]. Cutoff Michael Soyza raised to 250,000 with [QhQs] and Ivey called.  The two of them saw a flop of [AdAc7d], Ivey check-calling Soyza's 150,000.  Ivey turned his flush with the

No Value for Ivey’s Quads

Phil Ivey and Sergi Reixach called pre once more (with [Khqh] and [Ts9d] respectively) and button Michael Soyza checked with [Ac8s].  Following exactly the same pattern as the last reported hand, there were two checks on the [Kc7h6c] flop and a bet (of 70,000) from the button, with Ivey alone

Soyza Out on the Bubble After Eye-Watering River

It folded to Matthias Eibinger on the button. He paused, then moved his stack of 1,145,000 into the middle with [Ad2d].  Small blind Michael Soyza had woken up with the ace-dominating [AcKc] and called all in for nearly that amount (1,145,000). "That's not good," remarked Eibinger, and it looked just as