First Heads Up Pot to Ivey, Chip Lead Too Close to Call

Preflop, Phil Ivey limp-called Michael Soyza's raise to 370,000 with [Qh6h].  Soyza, with [Kd9h], bet the [6s7h7c] flop when Ivey checked to him, and his opponent called.  Both players checked the [Jh] turn, but Ivey led out for 1,200,000 on the [Kh] river, having made his flush on the same

Lee Drops Back to Third

Wai Kiat Lee has given a few chips back to Michael Soyza (his doubler earlier), seeing an unraised flop of [Qs7cqd].  Soyza had called with [KcQc] and flopped trips, while Lee on the button held [Kh9c].  Neither player bet the flop, but Soyza led for 150,000 on the [9h] turn. 

Ivey Bets the Straight on Board

There was a limp-check preflop, Phil Ivey holding [KdTd] vs. Michael Soyza on the button with [Js6h].  After a [tc9sjd] flop was checked through, Soyza bet 100,000 on the [7h] turn.  Ivey called, then led out for 300,000 on the [8c] river, which saw a quick fold from Soyza.

Lee Finally Overtakes All-Day Chip Leader Soyza

Wai Kiat Lee is the new chip-leader three-handed.  While Phil Ivey appears to be taking somewhat of a back seat at this juncture, Lee and Michael Soyza have been tangling plenty.  Most recently Soyza, with [Acjd], raised to 400,000 in the cutoff, called by Lee on the button with [KdJs]. 

Lee Evens the Stacks Further

Michael Soyza called 100,000 in the cutoff with [Acqc], then a further 300,000 after button Wai Kiat Lee raised, holding [JhTh].  The flop - [AsJcJs] - saw Soyza check-call a bet of 250,000.  Both players checked the [Ks] turn, Soyza leading for 200,000 on the [8s] river.  Lee just called

Lee Spikes His Ace to Double Through Soyza

Preflop, Wai Kiat Lee limped [Ah8h].  Michael Soyza raised to 500,000 holding [ThTd], making the call when Lee shipped his whole 2,500,000 stack in the middle.  Lee flopped an ace, which stayed ahead over the [Jsac8sjhqh] runout, leaving him short stacked no longer. "I tried, Phil," said Soyza, of his attempt

Lee and Soyza Trade Pots

Wai Kiat Lee called preflop with [QsJh], folding to a button raise from Michael Soyza ([JcTs]).  Immediately thereafter, cutoff Soyza called with [qc8d] and Lee checked his [9h9d].  Soyza check-called two streets having hit middle pair on a [Kc8s6h] flop, first 75,000 here and then 125,000 on the [Ks] turn. 

Soyza Repops Ivey

Hijack Michael Soyza called for 80,000 with [As8s], Lee came along for the ride, but button Phil Ivey, with [6c7c], raised to 380,000.  Back to the chip leader, who, having none of it, simply set both of his opponents all in.  No callers. Ivey did pick up [AdJd] and [AsKh] in

Seth Davies Out in 4th Place ($267,520)

Seth Davies made it 800,000 to go in the cutoff (from a total stack of two million) with [As7s], running smack into button Michael Soyza's [AdQc].  He was set in and at-risk in moments.  The board had him drawing to a chop only by the turn: [Kd9dJcQh], but the river