Michael Del Vecchio Eliminated in 6th Place ($50,000)

Michael Del Vecchio was short for a while and pushed all in from under the gun. His last 2,200,000 went into the middle and it folded to Marvin Rettenmaier. He pushed all in from the small blind for 3,300,000. The big blind folded. Michael Del Vecchio: [kc9s] Marvin Rettenmaier: [actd] The [ksqdth] flop

Jattin Doubles Through Del Vecchio

Rodrigo Seiji opened from middle position for 600,000 and small blind Michael Del Vecchio three-bet to 2,250,000. Big blind Farid Jattin tanked for a bit, used a time extension card, and cold four-bet to 4,325,000. Seiji thought it over for a bit but folded. Del Vecchio used a time extension

Jattin Folds the River

Michael Del Vecchio raised to 550,000 from early position and Farid Jattin three-bet to 1,625,000 in the next seat. The rest folded and Del Vecchio called. The flop fell [td9h9c] and Del Vecchio checked to Jattin. He continued with a bet of 1,275,000 and Del Vecchio called again. The turn was the

Salas Walks Away Empty-Handed, Bubbles High Roller Finale

Damian Salas was all in for his last 1,120,000 and he was called by button Michael Del Vecchio. The blinds folded and Salas was far behind with [kctd] against the [khkd] of Del Vecchio. The [qc8c7c] flop, however, brought a big sweat but Salas bricked on the [6h] turn and [ad]

Del Vecchio Doubles On the Bubble

Farid Jattin raised from the button to 500,000 and Michael Del Vecchio sat in the big blind. He raised to 5,000,000 with only 945,000 behind. Jattin used a time extension before announcing all in and the cards went on their backs. Michael Del Vecchio: [ahkc] Farid Jattin: [7h7d] The board ran out [asactcqcqh] and

Del Vecchio Takes From Benitez

Leo Fernandez limped from the button and so did Michael Del Vecchio from the small blind. Big blind Francisco Benitez checked his option and the three players saw the [qcts3h] flop. All three checked and the [8d] fell on the turn. Del Vecchio bet 215,000 and he found one caller in

Benitez Takes it With a Three-Bet

The player in the cutoff limped and Leo Fernandez raised to 150,000 from the button. Small blind Michael Del Vecchio called the raise by his Argentinian neighbor, but Francisco Benitez three-bet to 450,000. The limper got out of the way and so did Fernandez and Del Vecchio. The pot was pushed

Del Vecchio Loses a Small One

The action folded to Mike Del Vecchio in the small blind and he raised to 26,000. His neighbor three-bet to 82,000. Del Vecchio tanked for a bit before tossing in a 100,000-chip to call. The two continued to carefully check down the entire board of [8c7h5h] [9d] [Ad] and Del Vecchio

Del Vecchio Wins Some

A player in middle position raised to 17,000 and Michael Del Vecchio three-bet from the next seat to 55,000. The others all folded and the initial raiser called. The flop was [kcjc9c] and both players checked on the wet flop. The [tc] on the turn made it even wetter and both