Michael Addamo Eliminated in 12th Place

The action of Michael Addamo's elimination was just relayed to us as he was seen exiting the tournament area. According to Cary Katz, Christoph Vogelsang raised to 4,500 and Katz called on the button after which Matthis Eibinger called from the small blind. Michael Addamo, in the big blind, made it

Bryn Kenney vs. Michael Addamo

Michael Addamo raised under the gun to 2,500 and Bryn Kenney three-bet the button to 9,000. Action folded back to Addamo, and he called as the flop landed [As5c2c]. Addamo checked and Kenney continued for 9,000. Addamo check-raised to 25,000 and Kenney called. The turn fell the [6h] and Addamo bet 40,000. Kenney

Christoph Vogelsang Wins One on the Button

Matthias Eibinger raised to 2,500 from under the gun and Michael Addamo three-bet next to act to 8,500. From the button, Christoph Vogelsang four-bet to 21,000. The blinds and Eibinger folded, and Addamo called as the flop landed [9cJs9s]. Addamo checked and Vogelsang continued for 14,000. Addamo folded.

Michael Addamo Eliminated by Elio Fox

Michael Addamo raised to 12,000 from the hijack and Michael Zhang called on the button. From the big blind, Elio Fox three-bet to 48,000. Addamo responded by moving all in for 128,000 total, and once Zhang folded, Fox called. Addamo: [AhJs] Fox: [KsKc] The flop landed [2cQhJh] to give Addamo a small piece but

Michael Addamo Doubles Through Ali Imsirovic

Michael Addamo was all in for 28,500 from the big blind against Ali Imsirovic in the small blind. Imsirovic: [8d3d] Addamo: [Ad2h] The board ran out [Kc2sKsKdTc] and Addamo doubled through.

Michael Addamo vs. Christoph Vogelsang

Michael Addamo raised to 2,500 from middle position and Luc Greenwood called in the small blind, as did Christoph Vogelsang from the big blind. The [9c3dTh] flop checked through to reveal the [Jc] on the turn. Greenwood led out for 3,000 and Vogelsang called. Addamo raised to 18,000, and after Greenwood