Chidwick Continues to Addam(m)o

More chips for one of the biggest stacks still remaining in the tournament, that of Stephen Chidwick, this time the last of those still belonging to Michael Addamo.  Timothy Adams had raised to 20,000 holding [kdtd], receiving three callers including neighbour Chidwick with [KcKh] and both blinds, Addamo in the

Greenwood Doubles Through Addamo

Michael Addamo opened to 20,000 and found Sam Greenwood moving all in over the top for 92,000.  He threw in the call, tabling [6d7d]; Greenwood showed down [Acks].  Addamo hit a six on the [6h8c3s] flop and Greenwood had to wait past the [4d] turn to spike his [as] on

Michael Addamo Eliminated in 5th Place ($336,000)

It folded to Michael Addamo in the cutoff, who looked down at [Ks8s] and shipped it in (1,140,000).  Webster Lim on the button picked up a hand stronger than any he'd jammed with in the level so far - [AhAd] - and they saw a heads up runout of [3s7c7h5sJc]. 

Chip Leaders Tangle

Matthias Eibinger raised in the hijack to 120,000 with [TsTh], and Webster Lim, second in chips, three-bet him to 340,000 with [AdKh].  Eibinger made the call.  The flop was [9s8c2d]; Eibinger checked his overpair, Lim bet 240,000 and Eibinger jammed for 2,210,000.  Lim folded, and the Austrian extended his chip