Daniels Back In, Doubles in His First Hand

Jacob Daniels was seen sitting at a new table, proof enough he had bought back in for another shot at a deep run this week. It was his first hand as he had exactly 1,000,000 in front of him. Daniels opened to 30,000 under the gun plus one and the hijack

Luke Schwartz Busts, James Romero Gets Richer

Mauricio Ferreira Pais opened the pot with a raise to 125,000 and James Romero called from the hijack. Luke Schwartz squeezed all in for his last 900,000 from the button and the blinds folded. Pais and Romero called. The flop of [8s5hQs] was checked by Pais and Romero but there went

Welcome to Day 1b of the partypoker MILLIONS UK $10,300 Main Event

With 87 players already through to Day 2 from the first flight, today represents a fresh chance to join them for those eliminated from the partypoker MILLIONS $10,300 Main Event yesterday, or just arriving at Dusk Till Dawn to dip their first toes in it. Main Event players receive 1,000,000 chips

Pais Amongst Big Stacks After Day 1a of partypoker MILLIONS UK

Day 1a of the partypoker MILLIONS UK Main Event in the Dusk Till Dawn got underway at noon today with a total of 170 players entering. After eight levels of play, some massive stacks emerged with Mauricio Ferreira Pais seemingly collecting the most. He battled it out all day with the