Phua Sweats a Split

A tense moment for Paul Phua just now, as he jammed on Matthias Eibinger yet again with [As5d], only to find his opponent calling with a dominating [Ad9s], saying, "I'm going for it!" The [AcKc7d] flop showed a glimmer of chop-pot hope for Phua, as did the [Kd]; it glowed brightly

Four in a Row for Phua

Paul Phua has jammed thrice recently (uncalled), with threes on the button and after a limp with [Ac4h] in the big blind.  He paused from the setting in of Matthias Eibinger long enough to raise [Jc5d] on the button (uncalled), then jammed over another limp from Eibinger with [As3s].  Eibinger

Phua Fights Back

Paul Phua got some chips back check-raising a limp-checked-pre flop of [AcAh2h] with [6d2s]; Eibinger, with [qs6h], called the 300,000 total, having bet 100,000. The turn was the [9s]. Eibinger checked, Phua continued for 350,000 and was rewarded with a fold.

Eibinger Getting the Best of Early Heads Up Period

A few fast-paced pots with little post-flop action has boosted the stack of Matthias Eibinger somewhat.  Most recently Paul Phua raised his button to 250,000 with [8s5s], called by Eibinger with [Qd5d].  Eibinger flopped Phua dead with [2d7dJd], check-raising his opponent's 200,000 bet to 600,000 to take the pot.

Phua Paid on the River

Matthias Eibinger limped [Kd6d] on the button, Webster Lim made up the small blind with [8c5d] and Paul Phua checked his 100,000 big blind with [Qd4s].  Both players who'd flopped pairs checked to Eibinger, who bet 100,000.  Lim folded and Phua called.  There was no bet on the [7c] turn,

Paul Phua Doubles into the Chip Lead

A huge double through for Paul Phua has propelled him into the chip lead three handed.  Matthias Eibinger opened to 160,000 on the button with [AsJd] and big blind Phua, with [AhQc], moved all in for 1,890,000.  Eibinger made the call and failed to outdraw Phua's bigger preflop ace on

Phua Bluffs Eibinger with Nut Low

The short stack three handed cannot be discounted when it's Paul Phua.  When Webster Lim folded his button, Matthias Eibinger raised in the small blind to 160,000 with [Kd3h], called by Phua with [2d3d].  Phua check-called Eibinger's 110,000 bet on the [5sTc6d] flop.  Both players checked the [7h] turn, and

Adrian Mateos Hits the Rail in 4th ($420,000)

The chips four-handed had become very unevenly split, with Adrian Mateos shortest on 445,000, Paul Phua with 895,000 and Lim and Eibinger on 2.5 million and 4.5 million apiece.  A hand occurred that wasn't raised preflop by either of these two: small blind Mateos took his chances moving all in

Last Six Pots to One of the Two Chip Leaders (Mainly Eibinger)

Five handed play is a quiet, fast-paced, affair.  There have been no flops for the last six hands, and every chip has been won by either Matthias Eibinger or Webster Lim.  Eibinger has been setting his short-stacked opponents all in repeatedly with no hands found to call so far. Recently he