Daniel Weinand Makes Matthew Stone Add-On

Daniel Weinand limped in and Matthew Stone shoved for 94,000. Action folded back to Weinand, and he called. Weinand: [JdTh] Stone: [9h9s] The board ran out [8cTd6cAd6h] and Weinand collected the pot as Stone was forced to use his first add-on.

Matthew Stone Triples

Alex Foxen limped in and Matthew Stone shoved all in for 35,000. Cary Katz called on the button, as did Foxen. The [AdQdQhKdKc] board checked through to the river where Foxen bet 10,000 and Katz folded. Foxen tabled his [QcTd], but it would be Stone's [AcKs] that would earn him the