Remember that Matt Damon Poker Movie?

Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon, and Worm, played by Edward Norton, headline Rounders. (Image: Getty)

Rounders is now available on Netflix in the United States for the very first time! Poker's most popular movie, that's still regularly quoted at poker tables all over the world, first premiered in 1998 and has since become an iconic film that every poker player and fan has watched numerous

What if… The Movies Got Poker Right?

Steve McQueen starred in the poker classic 'Cincinnati Kid' back in 1965, but was his play GTO? (Image:

Poker and movies go together like the raise and the c-bet, like the Super High Roller Bowl and ordering lobster from room service and like Justin Bonomo and pink hair. For years we’ve enjoyed them, and long may they remain. However, whilst being fair to those acting out the greatest

What if…There Were No Poker Dealers?

What would happen if poker had no dealers?

Every week freelance writer Paul Seaton takes a comedic look at some crazy scenarios in the world of poker, and this week he's exploring the chaos that would ensue if there were no dealers! Every poker tournament has them, every cash game relies on them too, yet they are ever changing

Poker Who’s Who – Batman

Aaron Paul as The Joker? What do you think about this recasting of Batman featuring some of your favorite poker playing celebrities!? (Image: Getty)

Before Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney *shudder* and Christian Bale donned the black winged outfit of Batman, there was a highly successful TV series based around the caped crusader. Broadcast ‘in color’ for the first time, Adam West starred alongside Burt Ward as Batman and Robin battled villains who