Matias Gabrenja Eliminated in 16th Place ($35,000)

Chip leader Daniel Rezaei raised to 1,700,000 from early position. Cutoff Matias Gabrenja three-bet to 4,600,000 and it folded back to Rezaei. He asked how much Gabrenja had and it was about 14,000,000. Rezaei four-bet all in and Gabrenja called. Matias Gabrenja: [tdtc] Daniel Rezaei: [kskd] The board ran out [8h8c7h4hAh] and Rezaei

Scholten Eliminated

Freek Scholten sat in the big blind and he had to win a big 21,000,000 coin flip. Him and small blind Fabian Gumz had their chips in the middle. Scholten had [tstc] against the [acqc] of Gumz. The board fell [adjh8hahks] and Gumz won the pot. Scholten was left with 1,000,000. Matias Gabrenja

Gabrenja Doubles

Chino Rheem opened the hijack for 800,000 and his neighbor Matias Gabrenja shoved for 4,875,000. The action folded to Rodrigo Cariola in the big blind who tanked and then reshoved. "Ok, that makes it a lot easier for me," Rheem said before folding pocket sixes. Matias Gabrenja: [JdJc] Rodrigo Cariola: [9s9d] The flop of