Alex Foxen Pulls Away as Chip Leader

The first and only player to top four million chips in the High Roller Finale so far is Alex Foxen, who pushes John Duthie into second.  The field is still growing, and with two one-hour levels left of late registration, it looks like that $1,000,000 guarantee may yet be met

Cimbolas Gives Up on the River

Caught from the turn, a pot of around 550,000 already in the middle, Nicholas Nemis bet out 270,000, called by Matas Cimbolas.  The river brought the [as] to join the [3ctstcad] Nemis threw in a timebank card instead of chips - at first.  He eventually made the decision to move

Andrew Graham’s Level 4 Stack Approaching Day 1a’s Final Leaders’

Runaway chip leader halfway through Day 1b is Andrew Graham, with two towering stacks of 100,000 value chips that just got even taller.  A threeway flop of [9s8h3c] saw small blind Andrea Fossati check, Matas Cimbolas do so too and last to act Graham bet 40,000.  Call from Fossati.  Back

Brian Yoon Doubles Through Matas Cimbolas

Brian Yoon raised all in for 3,200,000 from the small blind and Matas Cimbolas called from the big blind. Yoon: [KdTs] Cimbolas: [AdJh] The board ran out [KhKc5d7hAc], giving Yoon trip kings to double through Cimbolas.

Matas Cimbolas Picks Off Keith Lehr on River to Double

With roughly 1,200,000 in the middle, and the board reading [4h8c5hQsQc], Keith Lehr moved all in for 461,000 from the big blind. From the button, Matas Cimbolas called all in for 276,000. Lehr tabled his [KhJh] for king-high, and Cimbolas revealed his [Ah8h] for ace-high to secure the double.

Jonathan Little Wins One Multiway

Following an under the gun raise to 15,000, Daniel Strelitz called in the hijack, as did Jonathan Little and Matas Cimbolas from the blinds. The flop landed [As6h8h] and action checked to the initial raiser who bet 35,000. Strelitz called, and Little check-raised to 150,000. Cimbolas folded, as did the initial