Martin Zamani Eliminated in 4th Place ($330,000)

Keith Tilston opened to 100,000 from under the gun and Martin Zamani moved all in for 835,000 from the small blind. David Peters folded from the big blind, and Tilston called. Zamani: [AdTh] Tislton: [JcJs] Zamani would need to find an ace, and when the flop landed [4dQh7d] he also gained backdoor straight

Chris Hunichen Check-Raises to Victory

Keith Tilston limped the button for 50,000 and Chris Hunichen completed from the small blind as Martin Zamani checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [3s6h5h] and after Hunichen checked, Zamani bet out 75,000. Tilston called, and Hunichen check-raised all in for 1,450,000. Zamani instantly sat upright in his

Martin Zamani Finds Ace-High Value from Keith Tilston

Martin Zamani limped in under the gun and Keith Tilston completed from the small blind as Chris Hunichen checked his option. The flop landed [9s4h9d] and Tilston and Hunichen checked to Zamani who bet 50,000. Tilston called, but Hunichen folded, as both players then checked the [Jd] on the turn. The river

Straight for David Peters Sends Him into the Chip Lead

David Peters raised to 80,000 from under the gun and Martin Zamani called in the big blind. The flop landed [8s9dAc] and Zamani checked to Peters who continued for 140,000. Zamani called, and when the turn landed the [Qh], he checked once more. Peters checked behind, and the river landed the [Ts]. Zamani checked

Martin Zamani Takes the Chip Lead

Martin Zamani raised to 85,000 from the cutoff and Keith Tilston three-bet o 285,000 from the small blind. Zamani responded by firstly using one of his time extension banks before eventually four-bet shoving all in for 1,345,000 total. Tilston re-checked his hand, and then folded as Zamani stated he had ace-jack.

Dollar Shave Club Double Up for Martin Zamani

Martin Zamani shoved from the cutoff for 620,000 and David Peters iso-shoved from the button for 1,810,000. Zamani: [AcKc] Peters: [AdJs] Zamani was at-risk but a dominating favorite before the flop landed [Qd3cTc] to give Zamani a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw. The turn landed the [5h], and when the river fell

Tens for Martin Zamani

Martin Zamani limped in for 20,000 from the small blind and David Peters checked his option. The [Kh4s9cQc7c] board checks through to the river where Zamani bet 85,000 and Peters called. Zamani tabled his [ThTd], and Peters mucked.