Martin Arce Eliminated in 10th Place ($60,000)

Martin Arce opened under the gun to 2,000,000 and Daniel Rezaei three-bet to 7,000,000 from the cutoff. The others folded and Arce four-bet all in for 34,300,000. Rezaei called. Martin Arce: [8h8d] Daniel Rezaei: [ahqc] The [jsth6c] flop and [6s] turn were good for Arce but the [Qs] river left him without chips

More for Rezaei

Martin Arce opened the button for 1.2 million and small blind Daniel Rezaei three-bet to 5.7. The big blind folded and Arce called. Rezaei continued for 3.7 million on [5c5hTs] and Arce called. After using a timebank card on the [6s] turn, Rezaei bet 9.5 million. Arce folded almost immediately.

More Chips for Rezaei

Austrian Daniel Rezaei qualified for Day 3 through the online Day 1+2 and he brought chips to play. Rezaei came in today with 19,025,000 chips and is now the massive chip leader with 74,000,000. The latest chips were won against Martin Arce. The board was [jd6s5h7d9d] and Arce fired a bet

Defending Champion Mathis Eliminated

Martin Arce raised under the gun and Marty Mathis pushed his last chips in the middle from the small blind. Arce called and they opened up. Defending champion Mathis showed [kdkc] but he was well behind against the [adac] of Arce. The board ran out [asjc2c4s6c] and Mathis was off to the

Rezaei Extends Chip Lead

Martin Arce raised to 1,000,000 from the hijack and Daniel Rezaei called from the cutoff. Lorenzo Bazei three-bet from the button to 3,100,000. Arce folded but Rezaei stuck around. The flop was [asac7s] and Rezaei check-called a bet of 2,000,000. Both players checked on the [4c] turn. The river was the

Arce Lets It Go

Martin Arce limped the small blind and big blind Hiroaki Harada raised to 1,800,000. Arce called to see the flop. The flop came down [9c7s4d] and Arce checked to Harada who continued with a bet of 1,000,000. Arce then raised to 2,700,000 and Harada called. The turn was the [kh] and Arce

Sacaan Succumbs

Martin Arce opened from middle position and big blind Jacqueline Sacaan shoved for 950,000, just a tiny bit more. Arce called with [AcJh] while Sacaan showed [Jd7d]. The board ran out [9c4c5s] [Qh] [Qd] and Sacaan said her goodbyes.