Maria Lampropoulos Eliminated in 8th Place ($100,000)

Jack Hardcastle opened in the cutoff to 3,500,000 with [9s9d].  Weijie Zheng passed his button, but Maria Lampropoulos looked down at [acq]; moments later her 19,100,000 stack was across the line in its entirety.  Hardcastle made the call. The [jhtd3d] flop gave Lampropoulos extra outs for the straight, but the [2h6d]

Final Day Players: Seating and Chips

Day 3 is a wrap! Tomorrow's final day will see these dozen players, led (just) by James Romero, return to play to the final table and beyond from noon (live stream and updates commencing at 1pm). One of them will become the 2020 MILLIONS UK $10,300 Main Event champion, winning $1,000,000

Peter Chien Eliminated in 14th ($50,000)

Immediately following Carlos Chadha's bust out, Peter Chien moved all in preflop under the gun with [6c6s] for his 14,300,000.  Maria Lampropoulos wasted no time in making the call with [qhqs], which stayed ahead over the [7sac7sjs3s] run-out.

Hardcastle Wins a Chunky Pot from Lampropoulos

Chip leader Maria Lampropoulos raised preflop with [tstc] to 1,800,000, called by big blind Jack Hardcastle with [ah5d].  He proceeded to check-call her 1,600,000 bet on the [kd4h6h] flop.  The turn was the [9h] and Hardcastle changed tack, leading out for 4,500,000.  Lampropoulos made the call.  Hardcastle made his ace-high

Leonard Takes from Andersson, Karmatckii from Lampropoulos

Deep-stacked neighbours Patrick Leonard and Fredrik Andersson had a blind vs. blind tussle to leave them again almost even in chips near the top of the counts. On a heads up flop of [2h5s9h], Andersson check-called Leonard's bet of 450,000, bringing the [7s] turn. Andersson checked again, but folded when

Sergi Reixach Busts

Another exit, another payout at the $30,000 level.  Maria Lampropoulos opened her button to 600,000, and big blind Sergi Reixach moved in for just under 5 million chips.  Back to Lampropoulos, who considered her opponent's stack then called with a slight head shake with [Adqs]. She held two overcards to