Reeves Doubles through Bicknell

Unavoidable action preflop as it folded round to Luke Reeves on the button holding [AcKs], who raised to 125,000.  Small blind Kristen Bicknell looked at her cards and paused for a moment before three-betting to 500,000.  Back to Reeves who moved-in fairly rapidly for 2,395,000 total.  Bicknell called just as

Luke Reeves Bubbles Blind On Blind

Sudden drama, and sudden death for the start-of-day chip leader after a brief but violent clash blind on blind with Igor Kurganov.  Kurganov picked up [qhqd] in the small blind, raising to 550,000.  Over to Luke Reeves, who, with a pocket pair of his own - [4h4c] - thought for

Leon Tsoukernik’s Kings Cracked to Send Him Railwards in 7th

The uncoveted pre-bubble spot has fallen to Leon Tsoukernik, who had been quietly nursing a short stack for a good while.  He picked up [KsKc] in the small blind, and moved his last 675,000 in preflop over an unusual late position limp from Luke Reeves (who held [AhQc]).  He was

The Wolf Hits the Rail in 8th

Yair Bitoun, down to 910,000 chips, found [6h6c] under the gun plus one, and made what was to be his final move.  Cutoff Luke Reeves lurked behind him with [AdAc] and flat called, luring in exactly no one else.  The board ran out [Js9c9s7h2s] (while it was being dealt, Bitoun

Adrian Mateos Busts in 10th; Down to One Table

A cool situation found Adrian Mateos on the button holding [Ahqs] and just shy of two million chips at the very moment big blind Luke Reeves looked down at [AdKd].  Action started with a Leon Tsoukernik limp, but it soon became a heads up contest as Mateos made it 300,000

Reeves Regains Chip Lead

Luke Reeves, starting the day with over five million chips, had dropped to 2,190,000 before finding a timely double to boost himself back near the top of the counts. He opened in early middle position to 110,000, called by neighour Leon Tsoukernik, before button Mikita Badziakouski three-bet to 360,000.  Back

Out-Kicked Vogelsang Swerves Elimination

By far the shortest-stacked returner, Christoph Vogelsang, was almost immediately all in preflop for his last 160,000, having picked up [AcJs] in the big blind. Late position opener (and chip monster) Luke Reeves took him on with what turned out to be a dominating [asqs].  The board double paired on