Kamei Busts to Harada

Luis Gustavo Kamei, a one-time chip leader of this event, shoved from the cutoff for 4,225,000. Hiroaki Harada on the button over shoved for 13,200,000 and both blinds released. Luis Gustavo Kamei: [AdJs] Hiroaki Harada: [AhKh] The board ran out [Qd3h4h] [4c] [8h] and Kamei hit the rail.

Rezaei Calls on the River

The complete [6d6c3h4c5s] board was out there and there was over 3,000,000 in the pot already. Luis Gustavo Kamei bet 1,200,000 from the small blind and big blind Daniel Rezaei had a decision to make. Rezaei used a time extension card that granted him another 30 seconds and he ended up