What’s on TV?

Poker, that's what.  Currently featured on the live stream on PokerGO is this line-up: Seat Player 1 Chris Neesam 2 Usman Ulhaq 3 Christopher Kyriacou 4 Ben Heath 5 Liv Boeree 6 Hossein Ensan 7 Ludovic Geilich 8 Francisco Carreira A penny or two in prior earnings amongst this lot.

Geilich Had a Great Start

Ludovic Geilich started the day with just over 2 million in chips but doubled early on. He just told us how he found pocket tens on the button in one of the first hands of the day and he opened to 75,000. The small blind three-bet to 300,000 and the

Ludovic Geilich Eliminated in 14th Place ($65,000)

William Blais opened to 4 million from the cutoff and after Ludovic Geilich called on the button, Alex Foxen moved all-in for 37.8 million from the small blind. Blais folded and Geilich quickly called before tabling [AdAs]. Foxen was in trouble with [KdJh], but he picked up a flush draw on

Markus Prinz Eliminated by Ludovic Geilich

Markus Prinz raised all in for 6,900,000 from middle position and Ludovic Geilich called from the big blind. Prinz: [AdTh] Geilich: [8d8s] The board ran out [8h3h4s5h9c], giving Geilch a set of eights to eliminate Prinz.

Scott Margereson vs. partypoker pro Ludovic Geilich

With about 5,000,000 in the pot and the board reading [5sJsAcTh], partypoker pro Ludovic Geilich checked from the hijack and Scott Margereson bet 1,600,000 from the cutoff. Geilich called. The river was the [Ks], Geilich checked, Margerson shoved for effectively 4,500,000 and Geilich used two time extensions before he folded.

Ludovic Geilich Eliminated in 6th Place

Partypoker pro Ludovic Geilich raised to 35,000 from under the gun, and Stephen Chidwick called in the big blind. The flop landed [5s6h9c] and Chidwick led out for 30,000. Geilich used two time extension chips, and then moved all in for 109,000. Chidwick called. Geilich: [AsAh6d4c] Chidwick: [9s8d5h4s] The turn and river landed the