Poker & Science with Liv Boeree – Poker Central Podcast

Poker champ and science expert Liv Boeree joins the podcast to help Brent Hanks and Remko Rinkema through these trying times. Did you know Liv Boeree retired from poker? Well, she dives into that and much more on this week's podcast. 00:50 - How has Liv Boeree been holding up

What’s on TV?

Poker, that's what.  Currently featured on the live stream on PokerGO is this line-up: Seat Player 1 Chris Neesam 2 Usman Ulhaq 3 Christopher Kyriacou 4 Ben Heath 5 Liv Boeree 6 Hossein Ensan 7 Ludovic Geilich 8 Francisco Carreira A penny or two in prior earnings amongst this lot.

Liv Boeree Enters

There are numerous new entries so far on Day 2 today, one of them being Liv Boeree. We saw her take a seat just now, starting with a fresh 1,000,000 stack.

Charity Poker Tournaments: Everything You Need to Know

Daniel Negreanu's St. Jude's poker charity event, Tiger Woods' Tiger Jam, and Liv Boeree supporting R.E.G. are just some of the top charitable initiatives in poker.

Chris Moneymaker once said that the beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play. But while poker is often a game in which we’re taught that winning is everything, the by-product of that mindset is often that players are money hungry in the early years of their

Ep. 98 Money Bubble Bonanza

Lacey Jones and Jeff Gross join the Poker Central Podcast on the day of the WSOP Main Event money bubble.

Featured today on your daily WSOP Main Event podcast: Jeff Gross, Lacey Jones, Benjamin Pollak, Jake Cody, Liv Boeree Scott Vener, Kelly Minkin and the exciting sounds of the money bubble! Starting the show with poker player and content creator extraordinaire Jeff Gross to talk about his summer in Las Vegas. 1:15