Did Stu Ungar Cheat at the WSOP?

Stu Ungar

Mention the name Stuart Errol Ungar to any poker fan and their eyes might well mist over, cast into the memory of three World Series of Poker Main Event victories that will live on forever. Stu Ungar was a poker legend until his sad demise in 1998 and is fondly

History of Poker

History of Poker

The history of poker is one that has more twists than a bad beat story between friends. Looking for the origins of poker, the history of poker is rumored to have started in France, as well as on the Mississippi riverboats in the United States of America. But what is

“Legends Of The Game” Docuseries Goes All-In On Gaming And Poker Icons From Around The World

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 27, 2019) - Poker Central today announced that their direct-to-consumer OTT subscription service, PokerGO, will premiere its newest original production, “Legends of the Game” on Saturday, September 28th. Cinematically shot in 4K, each episode of the six-part series will span the globe to highlight a historical