Lee Flops Quads, Ivey Pays Minimally

Wai Kiat Lee called in the cutoff with [8h8s]. Phil Ivey on the button made it 425,000 to go with [Qc7s]; call.  Lee flopped quads: [Tc8c8d] and checked it, Ivey checking back.  Lee bet 250,000 on the [9d] turn and Ivey made the call, however, when he went big on

Lee Drops Back to Third

Wai Kiat Lee has given a few chips back to Michael Soyza (his doubler earlier), seeing an unraised flop of [Qs7cqd].  Soyza had called with [KcQc] and flopped trips, while Lee on the button held [Kh9c].  Neither player bet the flop, but Soyza led for 150,000 on the [9h] turn. 

Ivey Suddenly Takes His Turn in the Chip Lead

Just after he took the lead, Wai Kiat Lee has lost it to Phil Ivey in what is turning out to be a mercurial final table.  On a flop of [8hTc8d], Lee bet 400,000 from the cutoff holding [Ahqs].  Button Ivey had flopped a boat with [TsTd] and made the

Lee Finally Overtakes All-Day Chip Leader Soyza

Wai Kiat Lee is the new chip-leader three-handed.  While Phil Ivey appears to be taking somewhat of a back seat at this juncture, Lee and Michael Soyza have been tangling plenty.  Most recently Soyza, with [Acjd], raised to 400,000 in the cutoff, called by Lee on the button with [KdJs]. 

Lee Evens the Stacks Further

Michael Soyza called 100,000 in the cutoff with [Acqc], then a further 300,000 after button Wai Kiat Lee raised, holding [JhTh].  The flop - [AsJcJs] - saw Soyza check-call a bet of 250,000.  Both players checked the [Ks] turn, Soyza leading for 200,000 on the [8s] river.  Lee just called

Lee Spikes His Ace to Double Through Soyza

Preflop, Wai Kiat Lee limped [Ah8h].  Michael Soyza raised to 500,000 holding [ThTd], making the call when Lee shipped his whole 2,500,000 stack in the middle.  Lee flopped an ace, which stayed ahead over the [Jsac8sjhqh] runout, leaving him short stacked no longer. "I tried, Phil," said Soyza, of his attempt

Lee and Soyza Trade Pots

Wai Kiat Lee called preflop with [QsJh], folding to a button raise from Michael Soyza ([JcTs]).  Immediately thereafter, cutoff Soyza called with [qc8d] and Lee checked his [9h9d].  Soyza check-called two streets having hit middle pair on a [Kc8s6h] flop, first 75,000 here and then 125,000 on the [Ks] turn.