Lazaro Hernandez Eliminated by Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen shoved for 310,000 from the cutoff and Lazaro Hernandez called all in from the small blind for 190,000. Hunichen: [8d8s] Hernandez: [AcQd] The board ran out [7c3d7dTc9h] and Hernandez was eliminated.

Chris Hunichen Doubles Through Lazaro Hernandez

With the board reading [5hQdJs6s] Chris Hunichen moved all in for 39, 4000 over the top of a bet from Lazaro Hernandez. Hernandez thought it over before making the call. Hernandez: [5d6d] Hunichen: [QcQh] Hernandez had turned two pair but it was no good as Hunichen had flopped a set of queens and Hernandez

Ben Yu Eliminated by Lazaro Hernandez

Ben Yu opened to 12,000 in the hijack and Chris Hunichen called in the cutoff. From the small blind, Lazaro Hernandez moved all in for 490,000. Yu called all in for 113,000, and Hunichen folded. Yu: [AcQs] Hernandez: [KcKs] The board ran out [6s5d4c4d3c] and Yu was eliminated.

Lazaro Hernandez vs. Ben Yu

Ben Yu raised the cutoff to 12,000 and Lazaro Hernandez called in the big blind. The flop landed [QcKcAh] and Yu continued for 12,000. Hernandez check-called before the [2d] checked through on the turn. The river fell the [4c] and Hernandez bet out 32,000 and Yu folded.

Lazaro Hernandez Gets Tricky with Kings

Ben Yu opened the action to 10,000 and action folded to Keith Tilston on the button who three bet 35,000. Lazaro Hernandez was next to act in the small blind and cold called. Byron Kaverman folded his big blind and Yu also let his hand go. The flop came [7dTsAc] and Hernandez

Lazaro Hernandez Shoves on Chris Hunichen

With the the board reading [Ah6d7d5c6s] Chris Hunichen put our a raise to 91,000 after Lazaro Hernandez bet 14,000. Hernandez didn't think long before moving all in for 313,000 total. "Man what do you have," Hunichen asked. "You show if I fold?" Hernandez replied simply, "Nope" Hunichen tossed in a time extension and continued

King on the River Shifts Massive Pot From Lazaro Hernandez to Sean Perry

Sean Perry bet 28,000 on the turn when the board showed [TdAcQs8s]. Lazaro Hernandez moved all in and Perry called for 114,500. The two players showed their hands and Hernandez ([AsQc]) was ahead of Perry ([AdJd]). When [Kd] came on the river, Perry's tournament life was spared and he doubled to over

Ricky Guan Eliminated by Lazaro Hernandez

With a board reading [KdJs3d] Ricky Guan bet 5,000. Lazaro Hernandez check-raised to 16,000 and Guan made the call. The turn was the [Qh] and Hernandez bet 27,000. Guan checked his cards and moved all in for 63,500 and Hernandez made the call. Guan: [AdAc] Hernandez: [Qd8d] Guan was ahead with his pocket aces

Sean Perry Crosses the 300,000 Chip Mark

Lazaro Hernandez limped from middle position and Ricky Guan called on the button. Koray Aldemir folded in the small blind and Sean Perry utilized his option and made it 6,000 to go. Hernandez and Guan both made the call. The flop came [3c9d6h] and the action checked through. The turn was the [Jc] and

Lazaro Hernandez Eliminated by Sean Perry

Lazaro Hernandez is the first player eliminated today after running into Sean Perry's two pair with [QxJx]. Hernandez immediately re-entered and drew the same table and seat that he began at.