Cintra Eliminated by Colonese

Fabio Colonese raised from middel position to 725,000 and Laura Cintra three-bet all in for 4,825,000. It folded back to Colonese and he called. Laura Cintra: [adjs] Fabio Colonese: [ahqs] The [acjhth] flop was good for Cintra, but the [kh] turn not so much. The river was the [2h] and Cintra was officially

Cintra Finds an Early Double

The action folded to Fabio Colonese in the small blind and he pushed to put the pressure on short stack Laura Cintra in the big blind. It wasn't much pressure, though, as she called instantly. Fabio Colonese: [Ks9d] Laura Cintra: [AcKd] With the board ultimately reading [6c4hQh] [4s] [Kc] there wasn't much of

Cintra Doubles Through Mantovani

Alexandre Mantovani raised from early position to 330,000 and Laura Cintra three-bet all-in for 1,320,000. It folded around to Mantovani and he made a quick call and immediately opened up [adkh]. He was well ahead of the [asts] of Cintra and even more after the [qsjctd] flop. The [3s] turn gave Cintra