Larry Wright Eliminated by Joelle Parenteau

Larry Wright was all in holding [9d8s] against Joelle Parenteau and her [JhJc]. The board ran out [AsJsTd6s8c] and Wright was eliminated and indicated to the table he wasn't going to re-enter.

Double Knockout for Sean Winter

Larry Wright limped in first to act and Sean Winter raised to 60,000 next to speak. From the button, Joelle Parenteau moved all in for 236,000, and after Wright tossed in his last 37,000, Winter called all in. Wright: [9d7c] Winter: [AsAd] Parenteau: [KhKs] The board ran out [Qd8hAcKd9s] and Winter eliminated both Parenteau

Ben Lamb Wins on the Flop

Manig Loeser limped in and Larry Wright called before Ben Lamb checked the button. The flop landed [QsQh6c] and Loeser and Wright checked to Lamb who bet 8,000. Loeser and Wright folded, and Lamb collected the pot.

Anthony Zinno Bets Out Larry Wright on the River

Ben Yu limped in for 4,000 total and Anthony Zinno raised to 22,000 next to act. Larry Wright called in the cutoff, and Yu folded. The [KhTsThTd9c] board checked through to the river where Zinno bet 50,000 and Wright folded. Zinno flashed the [As], and then scooped in the pot.

Larry Wright Scores Double Via Joseph Orsino

Action picked up on the flop of [Td8cQh] and Joseph Orsino moved all-in and got a call from Larry Wright who was holding. Joseph Orsino [KhQs] Larry Wright [JcTc] The [Ad] landed on the turn giving Orsino a little extra help. He got all the help he needed on the river when the

Larry Wright Eliminated by Alex Foxen

Action folded to Alex Foxen in the cutoff who opened to 10,000. Larry Wright was next to act on the button and called for his last 6,000 chips. The blinds folded and the cards were tabled. Wright: [6c6s] Foxen: [AsTh] The board ran out [2sTsJcAc7c] and Wright was eliminated. "Man I can't beat an ace

Nick Petrangelo Doubles Through Larry Wright

Action folded to Nick Petrangelo on the button and he moved all in for his last 28,000. Larry Wright was next to act in the small blind and re-shoved for 36,000 and the action moved to Phil Hellmuth in the big blind. "How much more is it, cause I have a

Larry Wright Eliminated by Sean Winter

Sean Winter opened to 30,000 in the hijack before Larry Wright potted the button to 120,000. Winter called, and on the [5sAc2h] flop, he checked to Wright who bet his last 4,000. Winter called and then tabled his [AhQdJc6h] to be trailing Wright's [AdKs9h9d]. Wright faded the turn, but when the [6c]

Parker Mitchell Shoves the Flop

Larry Wright raised the button to 28,000 and Martin Zamani called in the small blind. Parker Mitchell called in the big blind, and the flop landed [As2h4s]. Zamani checked and Mitchell bet his last 82,000. Wright and Zamani folded, and Mitchell was pushed the pot. "I should have potted pre," stated Zamani. "I