Larry Greenberg Shoves the River Against Raj Vohra

Larry Green raised to 40,000 from under the gun and Raj Vohra called from the button. They checked to the turn of a [6sTc9cQs] board where Greenberg bet 60,000. Vohra called. The river was the [4c], Greenberg shoved for 290,000 and Vohra used a time extension before showing the [Td] and folding.

Bill Klein Wins on the Flop

Bill Klein opened to 10,000 in the cutoff and Larry Greenberg called from the big blind. The flop landed [5dTh5h] and Greenberg checked to Klein who continued for 10,000. Greenberg folded, and Klein collected the pot.

Ben Yu and Larry Greenberg Looking for Double Up

Ben Yu moved all-in from under-the-gun for 50,000 and everyone folded. On the ensuing hand, Erik Seidel raised on the button to 7,000 and Larry Greenberg shoved all-in. Seidel folded. The very next hand, Greenberg raised to 7,000 and Yu again moved all-in but wasn't called.

Koray Aldemir Continues to Build His Stack

Bill Klein raised under the gun and was called by Larry Greenberg from the button and Koray Aldemir from his big blind. Aldemir check-called a continuation bet of 8,000 from Klein on the [6s9s7s] flop after Greenberg folded. After both players checked the [Qd] turn, Aldemir led out for 32,000 on the

Nobody Wants to See a Flop

We haven't seen a flop the past five hands at Table 3. One raise or three-bet has been enough to take the pot down pre-flop. In the last hand, Koray Aldemir opened under-the gun to 2,500. Larry Greenberg then three-bet to 7,500 in the small blind and got his opponent

Ben Yu Doubles Through Larry Greenberg

Bryn Kenney raised to 3,000 in the cutoff and both Larry Greenberg and Ben Yu called from the blinds. The flop landed [5c3h4c] and Greenberg checked to Yu who bet 6,500. Kenney folded, but Greenberg check-raised to 20,000. Yu announced he was all in for 123,000 and Greenberg quickly called. Yu: [7c6d] Greenberg: [5h5d] Yu

Larry Greenberg Wins Big Pot on First Hand Against Ben Yu

Ben Yu opened under-the-gun on the first hand of the day to 3,000 and was called by Erik Seidel on the the button and Larry Greenberg in the big blind. The flop came [Td9h8d] and Yu continuation bet for 6,500. Seidel got out of the way and Greenberg check-raised to

Larry Greenberg Bets Out Seth Davies on the River

Rainer Kempe opened to 4,500 from under the gun and Larry Greenberg called in the cutoff. Seth Davies defended his big blind, and the flop landed [JdTs7h]. Action checked through to Greenberg, and he bet 7,000. Davies called, and Kempe folded as the [2h] fell on the turn. Both players checked, and

Larry Greenberg vs. Seth Davies

Seth Davies opened to 2,000 from the hijack and Koray Aldemir called on the button. Larry Greenberg three-bet the big blind to 11,000 and Davies called as Aldemir folded. The flop landed [9d6dAh] and Greenberg bet out 8,000. Davies called as the turn fell the [7c]. Greenberg bet 22,000 and Davies called