Lijo Loses Some to Been

Aaron Been and Lander Lijo, who both played the Super High Roller yesterday, clashed in the Main Event just now. Been opened the hijack for 22,000 and Lijo called from the button. The big blind came along as well to make it three-handed on [9s9h5c]. The big blind checked and Been

Lijo Busts Once More

Antonio Martinac limped under the gun for 40,000 and his neighbor Lander Lijo shoved for 490,000 total. The action folded to Leo Fernandez in the cutoff and he tanked for a bit before calling, leaving himself just 40,000 behind. The button, blinds, and limped Martinac folded. Lander Lijo: [KhJd] Leo Fernandez: [QhQd] The

Been Gets There

Aaron Been raised to 45,000 from the hijack with [ksqc] and he was called by big blind Lander Lijo with [jcts]. The flop brought [jdtd5h] and Lijo check-called a bet of 35,000. The turn was the [4d] and Lijo check-called a bigger bet of 175,000 this time. The river was the

Queens No Good for Lijo

Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque opened the button for 20,000 and small blind Lander Lijo three-bet to 75,000. The big blind folded, De Albuquerque called. Lijo bet 35,000 on [5s5hKd] and De Albuquerque called before the two checked down the [Ad] turn and [8d] river. Lijo showed pocket queens but saw those ladies