Three Romanello Brothers and a Main Event Champion Make it to Day 3

Day 2 of the partypoker LIVE $10,300 MILLIONS UK Main Event came to a dramatic conclusion today with the bursting of the bubble, locking up a seat in Day 3 for the sixty players who’d battled successfully through seventeen hour-long levels at Dusk Till Dawn. Together with the sixteen online

Kuljindur Sidhu Bubbles the partypoker MILLIONS UK Main Event

Seated under the gun, Peter Chien opened for 400,000. It folded to Kuljindur Sidhu in the hijack who three-bet to 1,075,000. This got rid of the cutoff, button, and both blinds and Chien asked how much Sidhu was playing. After some glaring at the stack, using a time extension card,

Sidhu Wins a Sizable One

With 63 players remaining, Kuljinder Sidhu opened for 375,000 under the gun plus one. Daniel Ondejka three-bet to 1 million from the button. The blinds got out of the way and Sidhu called. Sidhu check-called a bet of 1,050,000 on [Kh9cKc] and another 1.8 million on the [4d] turn. With the

Chien Tops 10 Million

Peter Chien raised to 320,000 preflop, called in position by Kully Sidhu alone.  Both players checked the [5hjh3c] flop.  On the [Ah] turn, Chien checked again and Sidhu bet 550,000.  Chien called and the [ts] fell on the river.  A final check from Chien, and Sidhu fired 1,200,000, called very

Bicknell Busts Before Break

  With players about to head off on a one-hour dinner break, it folded to Kristen Bicknell in the hijack, who moved all in for 1,350,000.  Neighbour Kuljinder Sidhu considered her shove and then moved in over the top. This got them heads up and all five board cards: Bicknell: [TsJs] Sidhu: [TcTh] The