Ben Yu Wins One Against Sean Winter

We caught the action on the turn where the board read [6s9hTsAc] and Yu bet out 25,000. Sean Winter went into the tank before releasing his hand.

Alex Foxen Eliminated by Justin Bonomo; Kristen Bicknell Re-Enters

Action picked up on a flop of [3h3c8c] and Alex Foxen moved all-in for 47,500. Justin Bonomo made the call. Foxen; [Kc9c] Bonomo: [Ah8s] Needing a club to make a flush, Foxen got his wish on the turn which was the [7c], but Bonomo filled up when the [8h] hit on the river.

Kristen Bicknell Eliminated by Keith Tilston

Keith Tilston raised the button to 5,000 and Kristen Bicknell defended her big blind. The flop landed [Kd4c8c] and Bicknell checked to Tilston who continued for 5,000. Bicknell called, and then checked the [3d] on the turn. Tilston bet out 14,000, and after using one of her time extension banks, Bicknell moved

Ali Imsirovic Adds USPO Event #5 To His Resume ($442,500)

At his first U.S. Poker Open final table, Ali Imsirovic came, saw, and conquered! The Bosnian-born American washed way his slow start to this series by taking down Event #5 - $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em for $442,500. With the win, the reigning Poker Masters champion also jumps into the top five for

Kristen Bicknell Eliminated in 5th Place ($118,000)

Kristen Bicknell raised all in on the button with around 800,000 and Dan Shak reraised all in from the small blind with [9s9c]. Bicknell knew it was going to be trouble, showing [QhJc] and hoping to hit one of her two overs. It was not to be as the board ran

Imsirovic Hits the River Against Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell raised the button to 125,000 into the big blind of Ali Imsirovic. He called with [Th6d]. The flop was the [7h6s4s] and both players checked. The turn was the [8h] and Imsirovic led for 100,000. Bicknell called behind holding [Ah5d] for a straight. The river was the [9d] and gave Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic Leads Event #5 Final Table

Covering up like a true pro, Ali Imsirovic is gunning for his first U.S. Poker Open title today on PokerGO.

Event #5 - $25,000 No Limit Hold'em kicked off inside the PokerGO studios and saw a field of 59 entrants generating a prize pool of 1.475 million with a first place prize of $442,500. Ali Imsirovic leads the final six players with 2,505,000 in chips. Imsirovic is all to familiar with the