Foxen Building

Active in the first level of the final day has been Alex Foxen, now over 13 million in chips.  He was unfazed by raising Kristen Bicknell's big blind from the small blind (to 360,000) only to find her jamming 3,000,000; he passed and moved on to raising the next hand. Big

Alex Foxen Pulls Away as Chip Leader

The first and only player to top four million chips in the High Roller Finale so far is Alex Foxen, who pushes John Duthie into second.  The field is still growing, and with two one-hour levels left of late registration, it looks like that $1,000,000 guarantee may yet be met

High Roller Finale: Chip Leaders

John Duthie has slightly extended his chip lead in the opening levels of Day 2 in the $10,300 High Roller Finale.  Creeping up on him in chips are both Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell (on different tables, for a change). Bicknell added a few chop-pot chips to her stack after taking

MILLIONS $10,300 High Roller Finale Day 1 Overnight Chip Counts

Here's how the surviving baker's dozen from Day 1 in the $10,300 High Roller Finale stack up. Their numbers are sure to be swelled by late registrants tomorrow (registration closes after four levels, at 6:30pm).  Play restarts at 2pm, one hour earlier than scheduled.

Bicknell Busts Before Break

  With players about to head off on a one-hour dinner break, it folded to Kristen Bicknell in the hijack, who moved all in for 1,350,000.  Neighbour Kuljinder Sidhu considered her shove and then moved in over the top. This got them heads up and all five board cards: Bicknell: [TsJs] Sidhu: [TcTh] The

Reeves Doubles through Bicknell

Unavoidable action preflop as it folded round to Luke Reeves on the button holding [AcKs], who raised to 125,000.  Small blind Kristen Bicknell looked at her cards and paused for a moment before three-betting to 500,000.  Back to Reeves who moved-in fairly rapidly for 2,395,000 total.  Bicknell called just as

Bicknell Eliminated

When we arrived, Kristen Bicknell had her chips in the middle already. From the big blind, she was all in for 400,000 against David Taborsky in the hijack. Kristen Bicknell: [AsKc] David Taborsky: [AcJh] The board ran out [Jd2c5c] [7d] [Qh] and that was the end of it for Bicknell. Taborsky is up to

Bicknell Makes a Tough Fold, O’Kearney Profits

We got there on the river as Kristen Bicknell was tossing in a time extension card, seemingly facing a tough decision. We asked Dara O'Kearney after the hand was over what had happened. O'Kearney opened under the gun with a min-raise to 60,000 and Paul Michaelis called on the button. Bicknell