Koray Aldemir Eliminated in 2nd Place ($159,200)

Lauren Roberts doubled through Koray Aldemir to take the chip lead in heads up play. Then Aldemir busted shortly after when the two were all in preflop. A few hands before the final hand, the board read [Tc5s3sAsJh] and Roberts bet 700,000 into a pot of 2,700,000. Aldemir held [Qs4c] and shoved

Roberts Inching Closer to Aldemir

Lauren Roberts doubled through Koray Aldemir after he limped [QdJd] and Roberts shoved [KsQc]. Aldemir called. The board ran out [KdTc2h6h5d] and Roberts doubled up.

Roberts Gets a Little

Koray Aldemir limped with [Qh5c] against the [9c2h] of Roberts in the big blind. She checked. The flop came [Ah7c2s] and Roberts checked. Aldemir bet 150,000 and Roberts called. The turn was the [9h], giving Roberts two pair. Both players checked and Aldemir hit the [Qd] on the river for one pair.

Stephen Chidwick Eliminated in 3rd Place ($113,750)

Stephen Chidwick was eliminated in third place and will take home $113,750 after he called off his stack with [KdQh] against a Koray Aldemir shove. Aldemir had [4h4d]. Aldemir flopped a set and didn't look back to eliminate Chidwick in third place.

Sean Winter Eliminated in 5th Place ($72,800)

Koray Aldemir shoved from the small blind with [8s3d] and Sean Winter called his remaining 1,970,000 from the big blind with [AcKd]. Meanwhile, Brandon Adams was sitting with just 60,000 behind and looking to earn a pay jump if Winter were to get eliminated. The board ran out [8d6c2hJd4h] and Winter

Two Doubles For Winter

Koray Aldemir shoved all in from the small blind with [Ts6h] into Sean Winter's big blind. Winter called off his remaining 380,000 with [KhQs]. The board ran out [7s5h2d5dQs] and gave Winter the pot. The next hand, Winter was the one shoving from the small blind with [Kd8c] and Brandon Adams called

A Double for Roberts

Lauren Roberts raised all in for 1,400,000 with [Ac4h] and the new chip leader Koray Aldemir quickly called with [Ah8s]. The board ran out [QsTh7hKs4s], giving Roberts the pot on the river with a pair of fours.

Aldemir Doubles Through Winter to Take Chip Lead

Koray Aldemir raised to 210,000 from the cutoff with [AhAc] and Sean Winter shoved all in with [AsJs] on the button. Aldemir called, putting himself all in. The board ran out [7h5d4dQc2h] and Aldemir doubled up and took a more than two-million chip lead.

Ralph Wong Eliminated in 6th Place ($54,600)

Koray Aldemir raised from the cutoff to 750,000 and Ralph Wong reraised over the top to go all in for 990,000 with [3c3s]. Aldemir called with [KdQh] and called, putting Wong at risk. The board ran out [KcJh7d9hAh], never giving Wong a good chance to catch up. He was eliminated in

Stephen Chidwick and Sean Winter Lead, Third Final Table for Winter

Eight players will return to play for the Event #3 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em title at 5 p.m. EST. Stephen Chidwick leads the way, with Sean Winter close behind. Chidwick is the defending U.S. Poker Open champion and is currently second in the overall standings to defend his title. Winter has