Keith Tilston Eliminated by Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen opened to 13,000 in the cutoff before Keith Tilston moved all in for 72,000. Hunichen called, and the cards were revealed. Hunichen: [Ac5s] Tilston: [Ad8d] The board ran out [4sTc4cQc5c] and Tilston was eliminated by Hunichen's flush.

Lazaro Hernandez Gets Tricky with Kings

Ben Yu opened the action to 10,000 and action folded to Keith Tilston on the button who three bet 35,000. Lazaro Hernandez was next to act in the small blind and cold called. Byron Kaverman folded his big blind and Yu also let his hand go. The flop came [7dTsAc] and Hernandez

Chris Hunichen Adds to Chip Lead

Action folded to Chris Hunichen in the small blind who made it 11,000 to go. Keith Tilston made the call from the big blind. The flop came [Ks5s7d] and Hunichen bet 16,000. Tilston quickly folded and Hunichen adds to his chip lead. Following the conclusion of the hand the players went on a

Rainer Kempe Takes a Chunk from Alex Foxen

Keith Tilston opened from the high jack to 2,500. Rainer Kempe was next to act in the cutoff and called. Alex Foxen was next to act on the button and three bet to 10,000 the blinds folded and the action was back on Tilston who folded. Kempe thought it over and made