Solving Situational Saturday: What Did Melanie Weisner Do?

To get fans primed and ready for a summer full of poker, Poker Central has rebooted “Situational Saturday.” Each week, we’re taking a hand from a PokerGO live event and giving you a chance to put yourself in different high stakes situations from “Poker After Dark,” Poker Masters, and more.

Relive “Femme Fatale” Week on PokerGO

Kristen Bicknell

PokerGO's 2017 live events slate ended with a Poker After Dark holiday bang and 2018 opened with another. Two nights of "Femme Fatale" cash games featured some of the world's best female players, including GPI #1 Kristin Bicknell. The Canadian was the top-ranked female player in the world last year and

Ep. 64 Women Crush Wednesday

On this episode of the Poker Central Podcast, we take an in-depth look at the career of newly retired poker pro Vanessa Selbst, the most recent Poker After Dark "Holidays with Hellmuth" shows and this week's "Femme Fatale" action. 8:35 - "Femme Fatale" on Poker After Dark featuring Kristen Bicknell, Sofia

“Femme Fatale” Cash Games Live on PokerGO

After some lineup changes earlier in the week, "Femme Fatale" week on Poker After Dark is officially underway. The seven-handed $100/$200 No Limit Hold'em cash game is streaming live on PokerGO, featuring seven of the game's best and most popular female players. GPI #1 ranked female Kristin Bicknell leads the lineup,