Kahle Burns Eliminated in 2nd Place ($165,000)

Kahle Burns was close to grabbing his second partypoker high roller trophy of the week, but missed out on the top spot and had to do with second place in the $10,300 partypoker MILLIONS UK High Roller Finale. In the last hand, Joao Vieira limped in from the button and big

Turn Raise by Burns

Kahle Burns limped in and Joao Vieira checked. They both checked the [7s6s9h] flop before Vieira bet 800,000 on the [Kh] turn. Burns raised to 2.8 million and Vieira called. Vieira checked the [Td] on the river and Burns, using a time extension card, bet 3.4 million with 5,350,000 behind). Vieira

Another Big One for Vieira

Kahle Burns opened for 1,150,000 and Joao Vieira called from the big blind. Vieira check-raised Burns' 725,000 bet to 2,350,000 on [5c7c5s]. Burns called. Both checked the [7d] on the turn before the [2s] completed the board. Vieira checked and saw Burns use his full 30 seconds before betting 7 million.

Two Pair for Vieira

Kahle Burns opened the button for 1,150,000 and Joao Vieira called. Vieira check-called 1,500,000 on the [Ah6c4s] flop and another 3,900,000 on the [5c] turn. The [9h] river was checked through and Vieira won the pot showing [Ac5h].

Foxen Doubles Through Burns

Alex Foxen opened the button for 5.1 million with 2,150,000 behind. Big blind Kahle Burns shoved and Foxen called. Alex Foxen: [AdQd] Kahle Burns: [AcTd] The board ran out [8h5c3s] [Kh] [7h] and Foxen doubled.

Burns Bets Big

In a limped pot between small blind Kahle Burns and big blind Alex Foxen, the flop came [JdQcTc]. Burns bet 400,000 and Foxen called. Burns bet another 2 million on the [Jh] turn. Foxen called once more. The river came the [6c] and Burns bet 4.5 million. Foxen tanked for

Burns’ Bluff Fails

Joao Vieira opened the button for 900,000 and Kahle Burns defended his big blind. The two checked the flop of [2h9d4s] and the [9c] turn before Burns bet out a hefty 3.6 million on the [2c] river. Vieira called with [Ad10s] and beat Burns' [6d7s].