Justin Bonomo Forces Cary Katz to Use Add-On

Wanting to flex his muscle with a big stack and punish the limpers, Justin Bonomo open-shoved all-in pre-flop with [AhJd] and got a call from a much smaller stack, Cary Katz, who was holding [KsQs] and had 65,000. The board ran out [QcAd7dAsTh], giving Bonomo trips, which was good enough to

Justin Bonomo Shoves the Button

Martin Zamani limped in and Cary Katz raised to 14,000 in the cutoff. From the button, Justin Bomomo pushed out a stack of chips amounting to 180,000. Zamani folded, as did Katz, and Bonomo collected the pot.

Justin Bonomo Doubles Through Chris Hunichen

Justin Bonomo shoved from the small blind for 31,000 and Chris Hunichen called in the big blind. Bonomo: [As4c] Hunichen: [Js3d] The board ran out [4d9hTd7dKs] and Bonomo secured the double.

Blind vs. Blind: Big One for James Romero

After a series of raises and re-raises between James Romero, in the small blind, and Justin Bonomo, in the big blind, both players were all in with Romero at risk. Romero: [JdJh] Bonomo: [AcQh] The [QsKhAs] flop was huge for Bonomo but the [Td] on the turn gave Romero the lead and the

Justin Bonomo Picks Off Sam Soverel’s River Bluff

We picked up the three-way action on a board of [2dKcQd4c] with about 23,000 in the pot. After Erik Seidel checked, Justin Bonomo bet 15,000, getting a call from Sam Soverel and a fold from Seidel. The [Jd] completed the board. Bonomo then checked-called the 28,000 river bet from Soverel who tabled

Joseph Orsino Eliminated by Erik Seidel

Jake Schindler opened the action from under the gun to 3,500. Erik Seidel was next to act and called. Action folded to Joseph Orsino in the cutoff who three-bet to 15,000. The blinds folded and the action was back on Schindler who mucked his cards. Seidel thought it over before cutting

Player Spotlight: Justin Bonomo

At just 33 years old, it’s fair to wonder what more Justin Bonomo could possibly accomplish at the poker table. In 2018, Bonomo notched five seven-digit tournament cashes during a streak unlike anything seen in poker history. (Actually, he had four seven-digit cashes and one eight-digit cash.) He kicked off the year