Alfonsin Bubbles the Final Table

Rodrigo Seiji raised to 400,000 from the button and he was called by big blind Julio Alfonsin who had just 1,100,000 behind after the call. The flop was [5c4d2s] and Alfonsin led out by going all in with his last 1,100,000. Seiji called. Alfonsin had [jd3d] but he was dominated by

Big Pot for Sagra

Julio Alfonsin raised the button for 400,000 and small blind Roberto Sagra and big blind Kevin MacPhee both called. Sagra led for 500,000 on [Tc6d8d] and MacPhee folded. Alfonsin called. Sagra bet another 1,5 million on the [Js] turn and Alfonsin called once more. On the [Jd] river, Sagra made a bet