Joshua Ladines Eliminated by Anthony Zinno

Joshua Ladines opened to pot from under the gun leaving himself 30,000 behind. Action folded to Anthony Zinno in the big blind who moved all in. Ladines called and the cards were tabled. Ladines: [Ac5cKs2h] Zinno: [QcThJc9h] The flop came [8s7c6d] and Zinno flopped the nut straight leaving Ladines drawing very thin. The turn was

Anthony Zinno vs. Joshua Ladines

Anthony Zinno raised to 36,000 from the small blind and Joshua Ladines called in the big. The flop landed [3cTd4c] and Zinno continued for 55,000 and Ladines folded.

Ben Yu vs. Joshua Ladines

Jordan Cristos limped the cutoff for 4,000 and Joshua Ladines raised to 16,000 from the small blind. Ben Yu made it 52,000 from the big blind, and after Cristos folded, Ladines called. The flop fell [8d5sQd] and Ladines checked to Yu who opted to bet 55,000. Ladines folded, and Yu collected

Josha Ladines Leaves Adam Hendrix Short

Adam Hendrix raised pre-flop to 15,000 and got a call from Joshua Ladines. The flop came out [6h5d3d] and Ladines bet 30,000, essentially putting his opponent all-in. As Hendrix was contemplating his move, Ladines said, "so, I take it you don't have a flush draw?" but Hendrix advised his opponent that

Ben Yu Bets the Flop and Wins

Sam Soverel opened to 8,000 under the gun and Anthony Zinno called on the button. Joshua Ladines called from the small blind, and Ben Yu came along from the big. The flop landed [5d3c7d] and after Ladines checked, Yu bet 25,000. Soverel, Zinno, and Ladines all folded, and Yu collected the pot.

Joshua Landines Wins Pot Against Short-Stacked Cary Katz

Joshua Landines raised to 10,500 and got a call from Cary Katz, who is nursing a small stack, in the big blind. The flop came [5c8h3s]. Landines made a continuation bet of 27,000. Katz instantly mucked his hand and is now sitting on an even smaller stack.

Adam Hendrix Gets the Best of Joshua Ladines

With the board reading [6s7d7h7sTh] Joshua Ladines bet 5,000 and the action was on Adam Hendrix. Hendrix considered his options and announce a raise to 12,000. Ladines used most of his shot clock before announcing a re-raise to 42,000. Hendrix deliberated for the length of his shot clock before tossing in the call. Ladines announced