Jerry Robinson is Back in the Game

Action folded to Brock Wilson in the hijack and he raised to 14,000, getting called by Ryan Riess from the cutoff and Joseph Cheong from the small blind. Jerry Robinson then three-bets from the big blind, Wilson four-bet shoved behind and Reiss asked for a count, folding once the dealer confirmed

Joseph Cheong Eliminated by Lazaro Hernandez

On a flop of [Jd6d3h] Joseph Cheong moved all in for his last 55,000 chips. Lazaro Hernandez was next to act and snap called. Justin Young released his hand and the cards were tabled. Cheong: [9d8d] Hernandez: [KcJs] The board ran out the [2c] on the turn and the [As] on the river

Joseph Cheong Doubles Through Lazaro Hernandez

Facing a bet of 15,000 from Lazaro Hernandez Joseph Cheong moved all-in for his last 74,000 chips. After thinking it over Hernandez made the call and the cards were tabled. Cheong: [AcKh] Hernandez: [AdQc] The flop came [7c5cTh] which kept Cheong in the lead. 'Don't worry I'm going to hit a Queen on the