Jonathan Kozel Eliminated in 11th Place ($100,000)

Oskar Prehm raised to 33.3 million from the hijack and Jonathan Kozel used four time extensions before he called from the button. The flop was [Qh8h4s], Prehm bet his remaining 5 million and Kozel called all in for 4.2 million. Prehm: [AcJh] Kozel: [TsTc] Kozel led with pocket tens and improved to a set

Iurii Pasiuk Eliminated in 15th Place ($65,000)

Gregory Baird raised to 5 million in middle position and Chris Hunichen three-bet next to act to 14 million. From the hijack, Jonathan Kozel used two time extensions before folding. From the cutoff, Iurii Pasiuk moved all in for 26.5 million. The blinds folded, as did Baird, and Hunichen called. Hunichen: [KhKd] Pasiuk:

Flop Bet Win for Adrian Mateos

Adrian Mateos raised to 3.2 million from middle position and Jonathan Kozel called in the big blind. The flop landed [2d5d7d] and Kozel checked. Mateos bet 2.8 million, and Kozel folded.

Iurii Pasiuk Doubles Through Jonathan Kozel

Chris Hunichen raised to 3.2 million from middle position, Jonathan Kozel three-bet to 11.2 million from the hijack and Iurii Pasiuk four-bet all in for 22 million from the cutoff. Hunichen folded and Kozel called. Kozel: [AhAd] Pasiuk: [TdTc] The board ran out [7d2h6s4cTh], giving Pasiuk a set of tens on the river to

Scott Margereson Eliminated in 22nd Place ($50,000)

Marc Lange raised to 2.4 million from under the gun, Jonathan Kozel three-bet to 7 million from the hijack and Scott Margereson four-bet all in for 19.3 million from the big blind. Lange folded and Kozel called after a few moments. Kozel: [Ad9d] Margereson: [JcJh] The board ran out [KsTd6d2d9c], giving Kozel an

Michal Bochenski Eliminated in 23rd Place ($50,000)

Michal Bochenski raised all in for 11.8 million from the cutoff and Jonathan Kozel called from the big blind. Bochenski: [AsTh] Kozel: [8s8c] The board ran out [8d6c9d2hAh], giving Kozel a set of eights to eliminate Bochenski in 23rd place.

Jonathan Kozel Doubles Through Chris Hunichen

Iurii Pasiuk raised to 3.2 million from the cutoff, Jonathan Kozel three-bet to 16 million from the button and Chris Hunichen four-bet all in from the small blind for about 44 million. Pasiuk folded and Kozel called all in for a total of 16.3 million. Kozel: [KdKs] Hunichen: [AcQs] The board ran out [2dKcJc7s7c],