Isaac Haxton Ships $10,000 Short Deck Poker Masters Event #4 on PokerGO

Playing Short Deck Poker for the very first time, Isaac Haxton took down the 2018 Poker Masters $10,000 Short Deck tournament. Haxton collected $176,000 for just the fifth outright win of his tournament career.

The first major Short Deck event held in the United States finished with a familiar face entering the winner's circle for the first time at ARIA. Isaac Haxton topped a field of 55 to win the $10,000 Event 4 on PokerGO for $176,000. Haxton entered the final table with a chance

David Peters and Jonathan Depa Chop All-In

David Peters had just lost an all-in to Alex Foxen when he got another crack at scooping a huge pot but wasn't so lucky again. But the second time, against Jonathan Depa, he didn't lose the pot. Instead, the poker players chopped the pot with a straight on the board. Peters:

Alex Foxen Doubles Through Jonathan Depa

Sam Soverel limped in, as did Jonathan Depa, before Alex Foxen moved all in for 95,000 from the button. Soverel folded, but Depa called. Depa: [9c8c] Foxen: [AcKh] The board ran out [9dKcQcAdTh] and Foxen doubled through.

Jonathan Depa Doubles Through Alex Foxen

Jonathan Depa moved all-in on the final hand before break for 137,000 and got a call from Alex Foxen who had him easily covered. Depa: [QcTc] Foxen: [AsJh] The players watched the board run out [QdJsTsTdAd] which gave Depa a winning full house and a double-up. Players are now on short break.

Alex Foxen Doubles Through Jonathan Depa

Ben Yu limped in for 6,000 total and Jonathan Depa shoved for 186,000. Alex Foxen called all in from the cutoff for 120,000, and Yu folded. Depa: [AsKh] Foxen: [QsJs] The board ran out [8s7c7s9h9s] and Foxen doubled through.

Jonathan Depa Shoves But Nobody Calls

Jonathan Depa moved all-in pre-flop and got Ben Yu and Anthony Zinno to lay down their cards. Zinno then asked Depa to "show one card," and he obliged. Depa showed the [Jc] and scooped a small pot.