Dan Shak Eliminated by John Riordan

John Riordan raised to 16,000 in the cutoff and both Dan Shak and George Wolff called in the blinds. The flop landed [7dJs9d] and Shak and Wolff both checked to Riordan who continued for 25,000. Shak announced a raise of pot to 131,000, and Wolff folded. Riordan thought for a few moments,

Tom Marchese Doubles Through John Riordan

John Riordan raised the button to 12,000 and Tom Marchese raised pot from the small blind to 41,000. Riordan called, and the flop landed [4s7d8d]. Marchese bet his last 59,000, and Riordan called. Marchese: [AdJs9d3s] Riordan: [KhQhTc4c] The turn and river landed the [Qd] and [7c], and Marchese turned the nut flush and held

Sean Rafael Stays Alive With River Flush

Sean Rafael made it 25,000 from the cutoff and John Riordan re-popped to 85,000 from the small blind. The flop came [Ks4h6s] and Riordan bet enough to put Rafael all-in for 121,000. Rafael obliged and turned over [AhTs9s8h]. Riordan had [AdKc5cQd]. The turn was a blank but Rafael's flush got there with a

Brandon Adams Bets Out Ben Lamb on the Turn

John Riordan opened to 10,000 from middle position and Brandon Adams called on the button. Ben Lamb and Matthew Wantman called from the blinds, and the flop landed [4dQc7c]. Action checked to Adams and he bet 26,000. Lamb called, but Wantman and Riordan both folded. The turn fell the [5d], and after

Brandon Adams Wins Back-to-Back Pots

Brandon Adams opened under the gun to 10,000 found a call from Ben Lamb on his immediate left. The board ran out [Qh7d5cTcQc] with the action checking through on every street. Adams tabled [AxJhJdXx] and Lamb mucked. The next hand John Riordan opened to 10,000 and Adams was the only caller from the

Daniel Aharoni Doubles Through John Riordan

John Riordan raised to 9,000 from the small blind and Daniel Aharoni called in the big. The flop landed [Ac4h6h] and Riordan bet out 20,000 and Aharoni called all in for 15,000. Riordan: [8s7s5c2c] Aharoni: [Qd6c4s2s] The turn and river landed the [Jh] and [9s] and Aharoni doubled through.

Dan Shak Doubles Through Chip Leader Riordan

Dan Shak moved all-in in the dark for his last 32,000. When the flop came [Kh4h5d] John Riordan made the call. Shak: [AdAcTs5h] Riordan: [8s7d5cJd] Shak was ahead with his aces and at risk but Riordan had outs to try and secure the elimination. The dealer burned and turned the [Ah] Shak improved to trips

Daniel Aharoni Picks Up a Small One

Action folded to John Riordan on the button and he limped for 1,500. Daniel Aharoni completed the small blind and Dan Shak checked his option. The dealer spread the [6sAdQs] and action checked through. When the [3c] hit the turn Aharoni lead out for 3,000 and Shak made the call. Riordan folded. The