John Riordan Eliminated in 12th Place

On a flop of [Ad6s4c], John Riordan saw the last of his 218,000 enter the middle against Sam Soverel. Riordan: [7h5d3d3h] Soverel: [AcAh6c5s] The turn and river landed the [Jc] and [Kh] and Riordan missed his wrap and was eliminated in 12th place.

Ryan Laplante Leads Event #2 Final Table

The second event of the 2019 Poker Masters saw the game switched to Pot-Limit Omaha as 62-entrants took a seat inside the PokerGO Studio. After 17 full levels of play, Ryan Laplante finished as the chip leader with 2,540,000 in chips heading into Wednesday’s PokerGO streamed Event #2 final table. After

Alex Condon Quadruples Up

From under the gun, Alex Condon committed his final 10,000 and finds action from Sam Snead in the hijack, John Riordan in the small blind, and Anthony Zinno in the big blind. The [Kc8s2dKhQc] board checked through to the river where Condon tabled his [AcQsTs3s] for two pair and each of

John Riordan Eliminated by Jared Bleznick

John Riordan opened to 55,000 from under the gun and action folded to Jared Bleznick on the button who potted. Riordan called for his last 85,000 chips and the cars were tabled. Jared Bleznick: [KsKc8cTd] John Riordan: [Ad7dJhTc] The board ran out [Qh8s2c4d3h] and Bleznick cowboys held up to eliminate Riordan from the

Anthony Zinno Scores Massive Double Up at John Riordan’s Expense

We caught the action on the turn with Anthony Zinno locked in already inflated pot against John Riordan. Zinno checked the board which read [9s6s2dKc] and Riordan bet 200,000, the size of the pot. With only 325,000 on top of that bet, Zinno decided on an all-in and got a

Sean Rafael Wins a Small One From John Riordan

Sean Rafael opened from the button to 28,000. John Riordan made the call from the big blind. The flop came [As2d7d] and action checked through. The turn brought the [9d] and action checked through again. The [7s] hit the river and Riordan checked for a third time. Rafael fired a bet of 45,000 and

John Riordan Eliminated Erik Seidel; Eclipses One Million

Erik Seidel moved all-in for 62,000 on the turn with [7h2dKc3d]. John Riordan made the call and tabled [Ad8d] for a flush draw. The [4d] on the river completed the flush and Seidel, who showed [AxJx5x4x] was eliminated from the tournament. Riordan surpassed the 1 million chip mark by raking the pot.